Computer Vision

The aim of the module is to develop artificial intelligent (AI) solutions for computer vision (CV) problems. The solutions will use classical, modern, or/and cloud-based image processing and analysis methods. This module also covers the analysis and design of the CV problems.

Upon completing the module, you will be able to analyse CV problem, design a solution, develop the solution, enhance the accuracy of the solution and deploy the developed solution.

Computer Vision is a module selected from the Specialist Diploma in Applied Artificial Intelligence. It enables you to acquire new skills or deepen relevant skills without the need to pursue a full specialist diploma. As this is a stackable course, you may choose to complete the remaining modules within the validity period, of 2 years, to be awarded the full Specialist Diploma qualification

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Commencement Date Mode and Venue Schedule
October 2022 Face-to-face at RP Woodlands Campus
Three times a week
3 Weekday 
2 Weekday + Saturday

Weekday : 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Saturday: 9am – 12pm

Note: Some lessons will be conducted via E-Learning

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