Knowing Your Nutritional Needs

The course will introduce the basic knowledge of nutritional needs, specifically in three aspects:

  1. Energy-producing macronutrients

  2. Vitamins

  3. Minerals

For each of the nutrients, the molecular structure, functions, sources and mechanism of action will be explored. The roles of the nutrients in promoting health and preventing diseases will be presented based on contemporary nutrition research findings. Relevant applications through dietary intake and supplementation will be suggested.

我们将探讨每一个营养素的分子结构,功能,来源以及它们的运作机制。 同时,我们会应用和讨论最新营养学的研究来了解营养素在促进健康,预防疾病上所扮演的角色。学员也能从课程中学习到如何从日常饮食与营养补充摄取到充分的营养素。


    1. 产生能量的宏量营养素 

    2. 维生素 

    3. 矿物质

Who should attend?

Anyone keen to gain knowledge of the role of nutrients in promoting healthy dietary intakes and preventing diseases, including but not withstanding:

  • Dietary attendants

  • Nutrition advisors

  • Meal planners

  • Caregivers

Food technologists/technicians and food retailers will also be able to utilize insights gained through this course to provide useful information to consumers when developing/marketing their products.



• 食疗保健助理

• 营养顾问

• 餐饮计划人员

• 看护人员

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to promote healthy dietary intakes.




Participants will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance by Republic Polytechnic upon meeting 80% of the attendance.




Course Date 

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Course Duration

1 day (9am - 5pm)

Course Venue

This course is conducted online.

Full Course Fee (Others) Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above Singapore Citizens aged below 40 & SPR  SME-Sponsored Singapore Citizens & SPR
$251.45 $25.15     $75.44   $28.44


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