About Us

At RP School of Management and Communication (SMC), we don’t just embrace creativity and innovation – we nurture it.

We will prepare you for a successful career in the increasingly complex and dynamic business arena with our experiential teaching approach.

Hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills by working on real-world challenges and devising innovative solutions to complex problems, while you study our industry-focused curriculum.

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Deepen your knowledge by participating in educational overseas trips to countries like South Korea and Australia.

Observe industry best practices and network with leading players from a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, healthcare and banking, during your internship.

Build your portfolio with us – create your own multimedia content and develop and deliver engaging public relations (PR) and marketing campaigns in our cutting-edge Media Lab.

Or conduct focus group studies and behavioural research in our state-of-the-art Consumer Insights Lab to uncover and understand the consumer mind.

Experience Human Resource (HR) technology and participate in hands-on training with industry collaboration or test new ideas that can inspire changes at the workplace at the People eXperience (PX) Lab.

Immerse yourself in a real-time, data driven environment at the SMC Live Lab, where you could also research, develop and deploy latest digital business solutions.

Featuring four fully interactive and immersive zones, visitors will be taken on an experiential journey to discover technology-driven applications for business in a live setting.

Practise and apply the knowledge and skills you learn in the classroom to address genuine community needs on our Service-Learning Projects.

And explore your interests and develop and celebrate your individuality by taking part in any one – or more! – of the 100 exciting co-curricular activities at RP.

So whether you aspire to become a social media strategist, aspiring writer, marketer, entrepreneur in the making or a human resource manager, we will help you develop into a well-rounded professional who is ready to take on any career path you choose to follow by the time you graduate.

We look forward to seeing you at SMC. Check out our wide range of diplomas and courses.