Full-time Courses

Are you a people person who likes to support and inspire others with your words and action? Or are you a creative mind or a savvy business spirit – or both?

Whether you dream of becoming the next media maven, or a change-maker for your community or organisation, the RP School of Management and Communication (SMC) will prepare you for the challenging yet rewarding media, marketing, human resources and social enterprise sectors.



What are your career aspirations? To succeed in an organization? To be your own boss? To make a difference to society? Business stands on the forefront of innovation and progress, touching on many aspects of modern society. Be ready to meet the demands of an ever-changing global economy – join Diploma in Business (DBIZ).


Consumer Behaviour & Research

Curious about Marketing, Data analysis or Psychology?

The Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research is a business programme that combines them. Join us to learn how to translate consumer insights into successful business and marketing strategies.


Human Resource Management with Psychology

Are you a people person? Refine your people management skills and business acumen with our Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology, and empower yourself with the knowledge to effectively manage a happy and productive workplace.


Mass Communication

Want to be the next media maven or award-winning journalist? Our Diploma in Mass Communication programme will equip you with the necessary media skills to become an effective 360° communicator who is able to influence and move audiences and readers regardless of media platform.


Common Business Programme

Interested in business or hospitality but not sure which course to choose? The Common Business Programme (CBP) is specially designed to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the various business and hospitality disciplines before making a more informed decision on which diplomas from the School of Management and Communication (SMC) or School of Hospitality (SOH) best suits your interest and passion. 


Diploma Plus Certificate Programmes

Are you a savvy business spirit and set up your own company one day? Broaden your skill set, develop your business acumen and enhance your employability with any one of our Diploma Plus Certificate courses!