Diploma Plus Certificate Programmes

Do you have a savvy business spirit or do you dream of setting up your own company one day? Well then, broaden your skill sets and hone your business acumen with one of our Diploma Plus Certificate courses!

With this one-year course, you will build your business acumen while deepening your diploma-specific expertise. When you successfully complete this course, you will graduate with your diploma and an additional certificate that enhances your employability.


Diploma Plus Certificate in International Business

Prepare yourself for the increasingly globalised, multicultural workplace with the Diploma Plus Certificate in International Business. Understand the complex workings of the global business landscape, as well as the characteristics and sensitivities of intercultural communication in order to effectively negotiate and do business locally and beyond.


Certificate in China Business Perspectives

Through the programme, students will gain knowledge on upcoming developments in China such as the Belt and Road Initiative, Digital Economy and Made in China 2025 initiatives. It will also allow students to understand the dynamism of China, the world’s second largest economy and how to navigate the challenges of working and doing business in China.