Consumer Insights and Social Enterprise Research (CISER) Conexus Centre

The Consumer Insights and Social Enterprise Research (CISER) Conexus Centre is a resource centre for industry partners in the areas of consumer behaviour, communication and social enterprise research.

We offer opportunities for collaborative research and development (R&D) in:

  • Consumer behaviour, product testing, marketing, branding and social entrepreneurship research
  • Consumer behaviour, market trend and social phenomenon analysis

Helmed by our pool of experienced academic staff with an average of over 20 years of domain expertise, CISER Conexus Centre also assists in the development of new and innovative ideas.

We also help to enhance existing business functions and create sustainable business models for enterprises and non-profit organisations alike.

Our Facilities

CISER Conexus Centre manages two fully operational laboratories to support research and development:

Observation Room

Consumer Insights Lab

Designed to support a wide range of research activities, our cutting-edge Consumer Insights Lab includes:

  • A physiological testing centre with advanced eye tracking, brainwave and facial expression analysis technology
  • A computer laboratory equipped with the latest in statistical software for analysing quantitative data

The Consumer Insights Lab also houses two fully-equipped focus group rooms – one with a casual room setting and the other with a formal boardroom setting – to crosscheck conventional market intelligence.

Media Lab

Media Lab

The Media Lab is an integrated facility which houses a newsroom, public relations/marketing communication agency and a recording studio, to support the ideation and creation of impactful multimedia content and communication campaigns.

Our Research Projects

At CISER Conexus Centre, we are open to collaborating with both corporate and social enterprises, as well as non-profit organisations. Previous collaborations include L’Oréal, the Society for the Physically Disabled, and the Citi-NIE Financial Literacy Hub for Teachers.

We have also done consultancy work for government bodies and our social innovation research has helped to inform public policy–making, on topics such as: 

  • Gambling Prevention
  • Immigration
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Family planning

To read about our current industry collaborations, please visit our Key Projects page.