Human Resource Management Research Projects

Below are some of the human resource management research and development projects that CISER Conexus Centre is currently engaged in.

Industry-Wide Survey on the Usage of Human Resource Information Systems in Singapore

Partner:  Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)
Principal Investigator:  Beatrice Tan

This project studies the usage of human resource information systems, or HRIS, by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. The study aims to inform SHRI initiatives to encourage SMEs to use HRIS to implement human resources (HR) best practices by:

  • Determining the number of companies that use HRIS in Singapore
  • Constructing in-depth profiles of companies that use HRIS and those that do not
  • Understanding how SMEs use HRIS to support their HR operations
  • Uncovering the factors preventing local SMEs from adopting HRIS

Career.Me: A Personality-Focused Career Guidance Tool Using Predictive Analytics

Principal Investigators:  Beatrice Tan and Ng Foo Meng (RP School of Infocomm)

Current recruitment practices rarely take into account the job-seeker’s personality, interests and preferences (or PIP), or the necessary personality traits and working style required of a candidate by an employer or profession.

To address this, we are currently developing an automated career guidance system, called Career.Me, which will recommend more relevant potential career paths and provide detailed job descriptions to polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education students, based on their PIP inferred from their Facebook data.

We envision Career.Me as:

  • A potential Education and Career Guidance (ECG) tool to help youths make more informed decisions about their education and career choices
  • A boon to organisations whose manpower needs will be adequately met by the placement of suitable candidates
  • A safeguard for both job-seekers and employers against job disruption

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