Market Research Projects

Below are some of the market research projects that CISER Conexus Centre is currently engaged in.

Commercialisation of Backpack Project

Partners:  Ministry of Education (MOE) and RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL)
Principal Investigators:  Tio Wee Leng and Shyamli Mehra

To support MOE and SHL’s efforts in developing an ergonomic backpack for primary school children, CISER Conexus Centre conducted surveys to:

  • Understand the psychology behind the purchasing decisions of parents when they buy a backpack for their child for school
  • Evaluate consumer response to the backpack prototyped by SHL and assess its commercialisation potential

The data and insights were passed on to SHL who will factored them in when developing and refining the final product, which should contribute to its successful commercialisation.

Central Logistics Solution for Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre

Partner:  Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM)
Principal Investigators:  Dennis Quek and Shyamli Mehra

Through the surveys and focus group studies conducted by CISER Conexus Centre, COI-SCM was able to identify for its client, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre (PPWC), inefficiencies in its cargo receiving, collecting, sorting, consolidation, and distribution procedures.

The analysis will help COI-SCM to better advise PPWC on how to improve its business model and make its supply chain more efficient and cost-effective, to ultimately avoid passing on the costs to wet market stall vendors and consumers.

Robot Suit Impact Study

Robot Suit

Partner:  Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd
Principal Investigators:  Thanedran and Jalen Wong

The Centre has been conducting user surveys for Cyclect Electrical Engineering, who is developing robot suits to provide airport baggage handlers much-needed back support to prevent spinal injuries.

The resultant user insights will be incorporated into the development and refinement of the final product which aims to reduce the occupational hazards faced by airport baggage handlers.

Feasibility Study on the Use of an Autonomous Guided Robot to Deliver Guest Requests


Partner:  Singapore Productivity Centre
Principal Investigators:  Wang Wei Shyuan, Shyamli Mehra, Anna Neo, Benjamin Leow, and Jalen Wong

The Singapore Productivity Centre is currently trialling an autonomous guided robot (AGR) to deliver guest requests to their hotel rooms. As part of the joint project, CISER Conexus Centre is conducting user feedback surveys to evaluate the feasibility of using robotics to counter the current labour crunch faced by the hospitality industry.

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