CISER Conexus Centre: Social Innovation Research Projects

Below are some of the social innovation research and development projects CISER Conexus Centre is currently engaged in.

Feasibility Study on Mobile Phone Applications’ Ability to Influence Consumer Decision-Making

Mobile App

Partner:  Megapixel LLP
Principal Investigator:  Ken Toh

The objective of this research project is to determine how effective mobile phone applications are in influencing consumer decision-making. In particular, can this technology be harnessed to influence people to make healthier food and lifestyle choices? The study will also discuss the application of emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology to achieve Singapore’s Smart Nation goals.

Improving Self-Efficacy of Young Adults in Financial Literacy

FLY 2016

Partner:  Citi-NIE Financial Literacy Hub for Teachers
Principal Investigators:  Ella Siu and Neo Wee Koon

Despite the importance of youth financial literacy, there is a significant time lapse between the times when youths are educated on financial literacy in schools and when they actually make major financial decisions. Researchers have also observed a positive correlation between self-efficacy and positive behavioural outcomes.

Based on the premise that participants’ self-efficacy levels can be used to gauge the effectiveness of a financial literacy programme, this project aims to identify educational elements that will increase participants’ self-efficacy. These elements will later be incorporated, via a design-based approach, to develop a youth financial literacy programme that will increase participant self-efficacy and effectively improve youth financial literacy.

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