Digital Business and Technology Centre

The Digital Business and Technology Centre (DBTC) is part of Republic Polytechnic Conexus framework, which focuses on bridging the gap between industry and technology. Through research and development, testing, and deployment of business technology solutions, DBTC aims to equip the industry with the skills and capability needed to navigate the digital landscape. 

The SMC Live Lab acts as a digital playground for solutions to go through a rigorous testing and user acceptance study, through a live setting, before actual deployment. 

To ensure sustainability, DBTC works with industry partners to provide training for various departments through courses. 

We offer solutions in the following key digital business functions:

  • Marketing and branding campaigns leveraging on immersive technology 
  • E-commerce solutions and autonomous stores
  • Online to offline digital media campaigns
  • Leveraging on artificial intelligence for consumer interaction and communication
  • Retail – tech solutions
  • Facial and sentiment recognition systems 
  • Crowd recognition systems

To know more about courses offered by SMC, please click here.