Our internship programme lets our students apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom in real-world work situations. At the same time, they gain invaluable practical work experience and industry exposure.

With our Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach, our students are workplace-ready and able to support and contribute to sectors like media, marketing and human resources with immediate success even before graduation.

At SMC, our students work in teams with minimal supervision to solve real-life issues daily – just like in a genuine workplace – to sharpen their critical analysis, troubleshooting and communication skills.

As a result, many of the organisations who have engaged our students found them to be valuable assets, as great communicators and resourceful and skilled problem-solvers.


Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research

The L’Oreal Paris Singapore brand team, the Consumer Division General Manager Vincent Ong, our Country Managing Director Chris Neo, and I were thoroughly impressed with the sophistication of the technology used and the calibre of insights presented during the final presentation. The Eye Tracking methodology used for the study was something very new to us, and we were all pleased with the insights that came from the teams’ analysis. I must say that the quality of work we got from the RP team was indeed on par with the top market research agencies in Singapore. 
Mr Jacque Philippe Izon Reyes
 Market Research and Intelligence Manager, L’Oreal Singapore Pte Ltd

Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology

The DHRMP curriculum is comprehensive… especially with their training for the international corporate landscape and understanding of human motivations and behaviours. Such knowledge and skillsets will become invaluable for the ever-complex business environment ahead. They will be more ready to support multinational organisations in Asia in the management of the multi-faceted workforce. We’ll be pleased to accept students from the DHRMP for work attachments again. 
Ms Nancy Ng-Lee
Head (Group HR), Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd
The DHRMP helps to meet the manpower needs of the industry. The ability to work with diverse cultures and an understanding of human motivations and behaviours will enhance the graduates’ ability to work effectively as HR practitioners. The programme helps to produce a pipeline of HR talent to support local enterprises in growing their businesses, particularly in their international or regional expansion.
Mr Darshan Singh
Director (Human Capital), SPRING Singapore
SPRING Singapore

Diploma in Mass Communication

We have had two interns from RP's SMC in my company in the past few years – they have been a source of joy. I would rank [them] very highly amongst the almost 50 interns we have had in our company over the years, who were mostly from local and overseas universities.  So, what is it that sets them apart? In my assessment, three things: a practical, hands-on approach to work and problem-solving; a deep desire to learn and a hunger to succeed knowing it's a rough road ahead; and a humility that allows them to roll up their sleeves and take on menial tasks with dignity and accept criticism positively. All leaders of organisations will agree that these qualities are important yet increasingly rare today, especially when we look at retention and ROI [return on investment]. RP's SMC must be doing something right to produce such students. 
 Mr Viswa Sadasivan
CEO, Strategic Moves Pte Ltd
Strategic Moves Pte Ltd

The students were very motivated and displayed a sense of professionalism while working on the video project [for the Public Service Division]. Their enthusiasm and talent, coupled with the relevant exposure to industry, will serve them well as they embark on future careers in broadcast journalism.
Ms Shamala Rajendran
Manager (Public Communications), Communications & Strategic Relations, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office

Diploma in Social Enterprise Management (Renamed to Diploma in Business (DBIZ) with effect from AY2020 matriculation cohort)

77th Street
The launch of the Diploma in Social Enterprise Management is timely. The programme is comprehensive and will help create a pipeline of future talents for the local social enterprise sector. I look forward to collaborating with RP towards the growth of this sector.
Ms Elim Chew
President, 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd

Keen on hiring our students as interns?

We welcome industry partners to participate in our internship programme. If you are keen to hire our students as interns, please complete our Internship Programme Application Form.

Please provide a detailed job description of the position(s) offered, to help us identify suitable candidates to support your organisation.

Below are the dates for the internship programmes for each diploma course in 2023/2024:


   Internship Period 2023/2024

 Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research (DCBR)

  11 March 2024 to 26 July 2024 

 Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP)

  11 March 2024 to 26 July 2024 
  11 September 2023 to 26 January 2024

 Diploma in Mass Communication  (DMC)

   11 March 2024 to 26 July 2024
(Specialisation in Journalism)

    11 September 2023 to 26 January 2024
(Specialisation in Public Relations and Marketing Communications)

 Diploma in Business (DBIZ)

  11 March 2024 to 26 July 2024 
  11 September 2023 to 26 January 2024

Dates are subject to changes.

For more information, please visit our Internship page and you may wish to contact us for further enquiries.


Employing Our Students

We have over 3,000 well-trained and educated students in our four diploma courses:

  • Diploma in Business 
  • Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology
  • Diploma in Mass Communication

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