Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Challenge 2019

26 May 2015

  • Lee An, Desmond Loh Wai Kin , Marcus Ang Jianwei , and Wayne Lok Jian Han  with their their winning solution.
    Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Challenge 2019

A Republic Polytechnic (RP) team of students won the Most Creative Team award at the Citi-SMU Financial Literacy Challenge 2019.

The students were recognised for their design creativity in addressing the Challenge Statement of 'How technology can improve our daily lives' by creating a sustainable and ecologically-friendly building (prototype as shown above).

During the Challenge, students had to undergo a crash course on the fundamentals of blockchain and are then judged on their quality of their solution

School of Management and Communication (SMC) guided students from SMC Investment and Finance Interest Group (IFIG):

  1. Lee An  -  SAS Diploma in Biomedical science (DBMS)
  2. Desmond Loh Wai Kin - SAS Diploma in Biomedical science (DBMS)
  3. Marcus Ang Jianwei - SOH Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business (DCXB)
  4. Wayne Lok Jian Han - SAS Diploma in Biomedical science (DBMS)

“Through this event, I learnt the importance of timing and when to take calculated risks when opportunities are available. I made new friends through this programme and gained new insights about blockchain and financial literacy.” -- Marcus Ang Jianwei, SOH, DCXB