Class of 2016 – Tapping on classroom knowledge in pursuit of a fulfilling career overseas

01 Dec 2021

  • Nicole Maliwat Gonzales
    Nicole Maliwat Gonzales

Nicole Maliwat Gonzales studied Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Marketing and Management at the University of Melbourne after graduating from Republic Polytechnic in 2016. She is currently working as a Customer Success Specialist, Asia-Pacific (APAC) at Salesforce (Sydney). As a student, Nicole had always been focused and was very clear about her academic goals since her first day in RP. She was an outstanding student who obtained numerous academic awards and scholarships throughout her studies.

Coupled with a lovely personality, Nicole never ceased to help any of her peers who were in need. She often guided her classmates and willingly shared her knowledge. Nicole is a great team player and natural born leader who ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute to the team.

Her leadership skills also shone through when she was part of the team in the ASPIRE (now known as SkillsFuture) initiative communication for all polytechnics. This was an industry project which students had to create educational campaign to create awareness of the programme that MOE was rolling out then. The lecturer in charge of this programme endorsed her talent and contributions to the public relation and marketing campaign, targeted at RP students.