Module Prize

The Module Prize is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance in the Module. 

Asian Industrial Relations Environment

  • Nancy Chan Yu Xin

Branding, Advertising and Promotion

  • Helena Chui Hoi Ying

Business and Sustainability

  • Wong Pin Jie

Business Law

  • Arista Loh Xin Yi

Campaigns and Advertisement Design

  • Hannah Lee Jia'En

Cognition and Applied Psychology

  • Cheng Kai Jie Murphy

Consumer Behaviour

  • Hazel Pushparagam D/O Nadarajah

Corporate Governance and Ethics

  • Tricia Ow En Ci

Crisis Communication

  • Wan Annissa Binte Saifullizan

Cross Cultural Communication

  • Muhammad Ilyas Bin Fadil

Data Analytics and Visualisation

  • Helena Chui Hoi Ying

Design Thinking for Business Innovation

  • Goh Jun Hui

Digital Marketing and eCommerce

  • Jayden Liew Jinghan

Digital Media Communication

  • Chng Ree Ser, Leticia

Digital Media Content

  • Nur Farahjihan Binte Rasid

Diversity and International Staff Management

  • Giselle Lee Xuan Fei

Effective Presentation Skills

  • Voon Jing Wen

Employment Laws and Labour Relations

  • Wong En Hao, Jayden


  • Shevarnee Kannan

Feature Writing

  • Nur Farahjihan Binte Rasid

Financing the Social Enterprise

  • Lu Jia Xuan

Fundamentals of Social Research Methods

  • Bryan Lim Zhan Hong

HR Analytics and Technology

  • Sanjaiswaran S/O Kamala Kannan

Human Resource Management

  • Wong Chun Yip

Impact Journalism

  • Cheng Hao Nan Ernest

Industrial - Organisational Psychology

  • Wong Kai Yin

International and Cross-Cultural Marketing

  • Ng Jun Kiat, Benjamin

International Business

  • Wong Kai Yin

Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Lau En Ci Clairre

Introduction to Psychology

  • Chua Jie Yu, Javier

Learning and People Development

  • Eliza Chua Jia En


  • Megan Tham Mae Yee

Media and Society

  • Lim Zi Heng Ryan Gabriel

Media Law and Ethics

  • Lim Zi Heng Ryan Gabriel

Media Practicum (Journalism)

  • Aisha Hassan Malik

Media Practicum (Public Relations and Marketing Communication)

  • Hannah Lee Jia'En


  • Levan Lim Yong Han

News Writing

  • Ng Jing Yan

Organisational Behaviour

  • Megan Tham Mae Yee

Organisational Development and Change Management

  • Thea Ramona Fernando

Performance, Remuneration and Benefits

  • Thea Ramona Fernando


  • Tai Yu Yi Savanna

Positive Psychology in Marketing

  • Zee Rui Xuan, Fernanda

Public Relations and Media

  • Lim Zi Heng Ryan Gabriel

Qualitative Research Methods

  • Jayden Liew Jinghan

Quantitative Research Methods

  • Ang Cai Xuan

Research Methods

  • Adrenna Nora Binte Norazmi

Social Entrepreneurship Practicum

  • Tan Aik Hsuen

Social Innovation and Creativity

  • Kezia Yeoh

Social Psychology

  • Jayden Liew Jinghan

Sports and Leisure Related Law

  • Hong Wei Yang, Daniel

Sports Business

  • Louisa Helena Janssen

Sports Events Management

  • Randy Lau Shuang Rong

Sports Facilities Management

  • Teo Jia En

Sports Policies

  • Lim Su Qi

Talent Acquisition and Management

  • Jaslyn Chia

Understanding Social Enterprises

  • Nurul Amirah Binte Mustafa

Understanding the Society

  • Levan Lim Yong Han

Video Journalism

  • Yrika Manosca Chan

Visual Communication

  • Tay Fong Qing