Release and Security in DevOps

The Release and Security in DevOps course covers the concepts of release management and security management prior to code deployment in Continuous Delivery for DevOps. Topics covered include planning, scheduling and controlling the release of code with integration of security testing. It also covers ITIL processes that complement DevOps to better integrate IT with business needs and strategies. Practical hands on deliverables are expected as part of the course outcome.

This is a module from the Specialist Diploma in DevOps. It enables participants to acquire new skills or deepen relevant skills without the need to pursue a full specialist diploma. Participants are able to stack this course with the remaining modules within 2 years, to be awarded the specialist diploma.

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Commencement Date Mode and Venue Schedule
June 2022 Fully Online
Three times a week(Weekday) 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Note: Some lessons will be conducted via E-Learning

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