Learning & Development

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#1 Our Commitment

In RP, we believe in life-long learning – not just for our students, but for our employees too.

Our employees aim high, are passionate, dedicated, forward-looking, and eager to learn.

We are focused on creating the best experience for you as you partner with us to nurture our students into innovative, entrepreneurial, and cultured professionals.

#2 Learning Budget

Every employee is given an annual learning budget to attend programmes to develop their competencies, deepen their knowledge, and refine their skills to perform their core roles.

Our success is built on our values and pursuit for excellence. We encourage innovation and continuous learning for all employees.

We develop professional development roadmaps and customised programmes to deepen your knowledge, develop your competencies, refine your skills, keep abreast with industry trends, and grow your career.

#3 Learning Plan

Take charge of your career; develop your personal learning plan.

A Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is performed by every Full-Time employee to determine the gap between their existing skills, knowledge and competencies, and that needed for RP to function at the desired level.