Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Digital Business)

Academy for continuing education, SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme for Specialist Diploma in Digital Business

About the Course

The Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Digital Business) provide opportunities for fresh Polytechnic graduates to deepen their skills and knowledge needed for a career in the Digital Economy. The Specialist Diploma in Digital Business offers in-depth knowledge on the various digital business strategies, along with technical know-how in designing e-commerce portals. With practicum based on real case studies and industry projects, participants can learn more about the commercialisation process of turning ideas into innovative products and services as well as the sustainable business models behind them. 

The programme aims to provide a pathway for career development and further education through two (2) Post-Diploma Certificates (PDCs). At the end of this programme, participants will be awarded a Specialist Diploma in Digital Business.

What is so unique about this programme?

This programme will enable you to embrace a digital mindset and transform your business with digital transformation strategies:

  • Map out your business digital framework
  • Develop an effective digital business model

At the same time, learn to design an e-commerce portal and expand your digital reach:

  • Create an engaging digital marketing campaign
  • Generate online business leads

Under the Work-Study Post-Diploma programme, you may enjoy additional benefits such as sign-on incentive with full-time employment, assigned company mentor, well-structured training, and career advancement opportunities.

How often do I need to attend the course?

Lessons will be held twice a week online with some in-person sessions at RP ACE @ Woodlands.

Day of Lessons Duration
Weekday 6:30pm - 9:30pm   


Participants will undergo a 12-month structured training programme including on-the-job training, facilitated/e-Learning training and company-based projects leading to a Specialist Diploma in Digital Business.

To complete 2 Post-Diploma Certificates under ELP

Post-Diploma Certificate in Digital Business Transformation

  • B1109C Digital Business Models
  • B1119C Platform and Digital Ecosystem
  • B1129C Digital Business Market Validation
  • B2189C Business Model Design

Post-Diploma Certificate in Digital Marketing

  • C2179C Digital Storefront Creation
  • B2229C Digital Marketing Strategies
  • B3079C Digital Business Capstone (Project)

Module Synopsis


1. Post-Diploma Certificate in Digital Business Transformation 

B1109C Digital Business Models

This module gives an overview of the various types of digital commerce models and how technology is disrupting traditional business models. Students will explore how software developers are the engine of digital business models and the key forces shaping the digital economy. Through the module, students will explore and leverage on emerging business opportunities in the Digital Economy.

B1119C Platform and Digital Ecosystem

This module discusses the platform business model that encompasses providers, consumers and employees to create or exchange goods, services and social interaction. Through the module, participants will appreciate how platform strategy must integrate business and IT needs and establish a collective leadership vision. They will then explore the various platforms for C2C, B2C and B2B. At the end of the module, participants will apply concepts learnt and create a platform strategy which allows two or more disparate groups to interact and co-create value in the ecosystem.

B1129C Digital Business Market Validation

This module introduces participants to types of web data and web analytical tools for the generation of competitive intelligence. They will also discover and use different tools for data visualisation, leading to the discovery of digital business insights.

B2189C Business Model Design

Due to the advent of disruptive trends and technologies, traditional business models need to transform into new digital business model by engaging in new management styles. Students will be introduced to design thinking and how it applies to business model design. From this module, students will learn the differences between Agile and Lean Start-up business methodologies.

2. Post-Diploma Certificate in Digital Marketing 

C2179C Digital Storefront Creation

This module aims to equip students with knowledge and methods to conceptualise and create their digital storefront in a Mobile First digital landscape. Students will be introduced to various online store solutions and will also appreciate the importance of creating mobile friendly websites for good User Experience (UX), e.g., attractive graphical user interface (GUI) or effective ‘Call to Action’.

B2229C Digital Marketing Strategies

As the digital commerce landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, the value chain of every industry are now going online. Businesses are faced with new challenges and also opportunities in this digital age. This module will introduce students to the range of tools for e-commerce promotion e.g. search marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. At the end of the module, students will be able to gain relevant digital marketing insights, as well as a vast array of highly practical techniques that are being used in the field.

B3079C Digital Business Capstone (Project)

This module gives students the opportunity to apply the concepts and practices covered in the two post-diploma certificates’ curricula. Students can choose to work on their companies’ projects or projects offered by RP’s industry partners. 

This module will include application of tools to develop an online shopfront to engage in B2B/B2C/O2O e-commerce. Students will also develop an appropriate digital marketing plan to drive customer acquisition.

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WSP Eligibility

Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who are: 

  • within three years of graduation from the Polytechnics or the Operational Ready Date (ORD) for full-time National Servicemen, or
  • within five years of graduation from the Polytechnics, and if their employer is a participating company.

Course Entry Requirement

Applicants should preferably possess a relevant local polytechnic Diploma in one of the following disciplines:

  • Applied Arts
  • Business & Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Mass Communication
  • Science & Related Technologies
  • Services

Admission will be reviewed and approved by the polytechnic on a case-by-case basis."

Conditional Offer

Graduating student (in final academic year) from a local polytechnic may apply for the programme.
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Please click here to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).

Last updated on 16 Feb 2024

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