Our Alumni

SHL alumni are carving out exciting careers for themselves. They are also adding value professionally to their employers and giving back to society in meaningful ways.


The modules that I took in SHL such as “Health and Wellness” and “Injury Prevention and Management” help me in my daily work as a sports trainer!
Steven Khew Jia Qi
Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management
2013 Graduate
Currently a Sports Rehabilitation Trainer with the Singapore Sports Institute

After getting his Higher NITEC in Sport Management, Steven enrolled into SHL’s Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management programme in 2011.

He joined the Sports Medicine Centre at the Singapore Sports Institute as a Sports Rehabilitation Trainer shortly after graduating, and now works to rehabilitate injured national athletes.

He also helped to condition our athletes for the 2017 SEA Games where they won over 180 medals in August 2017.

keefe lau
At RP, the lessons outside the classrooms are ideal for an experiential learner like me. I found my critical thinking and communication skills put to the test throughout my learning journey here. The Diploma in Health Services Management exposed me to the challenges of an ageing population and prepared me to deliver healthcare to our people. This cemented my resolve to joining the public service to contribute what I can.
Keefe Lau
Diploma in Health Services Management
2019 Graduate and Valedictorian
Currently serving his National Service

Among the slew of awards Keefe has received as a DHSM student is the prestigious SAF Scholarship, making him the first poly graduate to win it.

Keefe shares, “While academic achievement is important, what matters more are the right values and the willingness to serve what is greater than us.”

It is heartening to hear such words of wisdom from a youth out to transform the world, and it looks like he’s on his way there.

DOAL helped me to become industry-ready, equipping me with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience. It also nurtured a sense of service in me. It’s a great programme for students who aren’t just aiming for a diploma but who also yearn for personal growth.
Neo Yiling
Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning
2014 Graduate
Currently an Outdoor Educator at Outward Bound Singapore

Studying at SHL opened many doors for Yiling.

Among many other things, it afforded her the chance to intern overseas with Outward Bound Hong Kong and be mentored by some of the best in the outdoor and adventure education industry.

It also offered her the prime opportunity to connect with her future employer.

Since graduating from SHL in 2014, Yiling now works as an outdoor educator at Outward Bound Singapore.

She finds joy in her work daily, leading expeditions into the great outdoors and helping her young charges transform into physically and mentally rugged individuals.