Service-Learning Projects

Use the knowledge and skills you learn at SHL to address real-world issues on any of our local and international Service-Learning Projects (SLPs).

Combine practical learning with community service all while you hone other important professional skills like problem-solving and critical analysis.

Find out how below!

Supporting the Yellow Ribbon Project at IGNITE! Music Festival 2017


A team of final-year Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management students got to flex their marketing and event operations management chops in July 2017 when they worked together with the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) to conceptualise, set up and run a booth at RP’s IGNITE! Music Festival. They also got to apply and see in action the various concepts and strategies they learned during their “Leisure Planning and Programming” module to plan and organise activities to:

  • Attract visitors to their booth; and

  • Encourage them to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-convicts back into society. 

Their efforts saw over 2,000 visitors to their booth as well as nearly 30 corporate sponsors for YRP.

Sports massages for NTU Bike Rally 2017 cyclists


Our Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences students collaborated with Dutch pharmaceutical company Novum Pharma, the manufacturer of STARBALM® muscle balms, to provide free sport massage services to participating cyclists at the NTU Bike Rally on 5 March 2017.

It was a prime opportunity for the students to practise the post-exercise recovery techniques they had learned during their “Injury Prevention and Management” module, as well as provide relief to many of the aching and sore cyclists at the end of the event.

Fun-Tastic Seniors Healthy Lifestyle Programme


The Fun-Tastic Seniors Healthy Lifestyle Programme was conceptualised and executed by a group of Diploma in Health Management and Promotion (DHMP) students interning at the Enabling Village, an inclusive community space for people with disabilities.

Jointly organised with SG Enable, the initiative saw the students utilising their DHMP training to design an inclusive fitness programme for a group of 800 elderly Redhill residents, some of whom were physically challenged. The goal was to encourage them to exercise and to benefit from a physically active lifestyle.