Diploma in Sport Coaching Student Scores Choo-Lim Scholarship and Juggles National Basketball

16 Dec 2021

  • Valentia Wong Shuting - DSC
    Sport Coaching Student Scores the Choo-Lim Scholarship and Juggles National Basketball

Diploma in Sport Coaching (DSC) student, Valentia Wong Shuting, is the happy recipient of a few academic awards - the esteemed Choo-Lim Scholarship in 2021, along with a diploma prize and two module prizes.

At the same time, Valentia juggles her responsibilities as a National Basketball Player, the Team Manager of the RP Basketball Team and an ActiveSG Basketball Coach.

Valentia shares her secret in managing multiple commitments, “I always plan my schedule ahead to ensure that I complete one assigned task before I attend to next in my list of commitments. I also try to strike a balance between my academic and non-academic commitments. It’s important to enjoy what you are doing, which is something that motivates and pushes me whenever I am stressed. I’m also blessed with friends who have helped me along the way whenever I have doubts.”

Photo by courtesy of Kenneth Chua