DSES Graduate Shares Entrepreneurial Success

29 Aug 2023

  • Kumar Perumal (DSES 2014 Alumni)
    Kumar Perumal (DSES 2014 Alumni)

Kumar Perumal, Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science (DSES), 2014 Graduate, returned to RP as an alumni speaker at the SHL Orientation on 12 April 2023 to motivate his DSES juniors.

Kumar came from humble beginnings, starting up his boxing gym called 'King of Strength' at a HDB void deck. In the early days, he even got friends to loan him their boxing gloves to get the business going. Kumar added that he would personally hand out flyers in public to promote his gym. 

Kumar shared this stirring message with our freshmen, "Even when I was studying in RP, I knew sports would be my career. By building up my boxing business, I turned my dream into reality. When you're passionate about your goals, you will work harder because you love it and you're driven. So stay focused on your study goals in the next 3 years!"