Diploma Prize

The Diploma Prize is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance in the Diploma. 

Year 1

Diploma in Health Management & Promotion

  • Ika Syahidah Hidayah Binte Atan

Diploma in Health Services Management

  •  Rashina Raihana Begum

Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning

  • Ten Yu Shan Ivan

Diploma in Sport Coaching

  • Li Yuelu

Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science

  • Muhammad Shah Danial B Shahrul

Year 2

Diploma in Health Management and Promotion

  •   Tan Yan Yi, Evelyn

Diploma in Health Services Management

  • Nur Shahanaaz Binte Mohd Taufik

Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning

  • Ethan Gan

Diploma in Sports Coaching

  • Wong Shuting Valentia

Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences

  • Ho Zhi Xuan