Module Prize

The Module Prize is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance in the Module. 

Active Ageing

  • Ng Wei Xuan Veronica

Adventure Education

  • Kishen Suresh

Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology

  • Muhamad Rezza E'smith Bin Muhamad Rezal

Behaviour Change

  • Lee Jun Jin Matthew

Biopsychosocial Aspects of Ageing

  • Edison Tan


Business Statistics

  • Tan Yan Qi


Case Management

  • Ester Wang Baoxin 

Challenge Course Management

  • Wong Kum Fatt

Climbing and Abseiling Adventure Education

  • Ten Yu Shan Ivan

Communication in the Global Workplace

  • Rashina Raihana Begum

Community and Social Care

  • Nur Shahanaaz Binte Mohd Taufik

Environmental Education

  • Iffah Khairina Binte Noorizam

Environmental Interpretation

  • Muhamad Ariq B Ramlee

Epidemiologic Methods

  • Tan Yan Yi, Evelyn

Exercise Programming and Assessment

  • Phoebe Lim Jia Yi

Expedition Principles, Practices and Management

  • Tang Wan Xuan Cecilia

Experiential Land-based Adventure Education

  • Daniel Lim Yu Jie

Experiential Water-based Adventure Education

  • Tan Kai En Terence

Financing for Healthcare

  • Ester Wang Baoxin 

Foundations of Kinesiology

  • Li Yuelu

Health and Wellness

  • Ika Syahidah Hidayah Binte Atan

Health Ethics and Law

  • Teo Isabela

Health Promotion

  • Ika Syahidah Hidayah Binte Atan

Health Psychology

  • Teo Isabela

Healthcare Operations Management

  • Muhammad Firman Bin Mohd Amin

Healthcare Systems

  • Nur Shahanaaz Binte Mohd Taufik

Human Diseases

  • Wee Wei Feng, Zachary

Human Motor Control and Development

  • Ho Zhi Xuan

Inclusive Physical Activity

  • Presslee Chng Yuwen

Injury Prevention and Management

  • Francis Andrew Sng

Instruction and Facilitation in Experiential Education

  • Muhamad Ariq B Ramlee

Instructional Strategies for Sports and Games

  • Wong Shuting Valentia

Instructional Strategies for Sports and Games II

  • Wong Shuting Valentia

Introduction to Sports Coaching

  • Zhuo Yi Xin, Ashley

Managing Developmental Athletes and Teams

  • Nur Husnani Bte Fakhir Hussain


  • Tan Qing Xun Jayvis

Nutrition Care Process

  • Lee Jun Jin Matthew

Outdoor Leadership

  • Tang Wan Xuan Cecilia

Performance Analysis

  • Pang Wei Ting

Practical Studies: Badminton

  • Wong Shuting Valentia

Practical Studies: Football

  • Muhammad Shariq Bin Muhammad Hafiz

Psychosocial Aspects of Exercise

  • Hanifah Hidayah Bte Mohamed I

Quality Management in Healthcare

  • Ho Ern Yi, Titus

Sociology of Sports, Health and Leisure

  • Muhammad Izzat Bin Muhammad Khairul

Sports and Exercise Biomechanics

  • Francis Andrew Sng

Sports and Exercise Nutrition

  • Daniella Anil

Sports and Exercise Physiology

  • Jermaine Tan

Sports and Exercise Prescription

  • Ng Jasiel

Sports and Exercise Psychology

  • Bess Nar

Sports Management

  • Aman Singh Rahman

Strategic Sports Development

  • Mohammad Syahid Ali S/O Hasan Ali

Youth Health

  • Ang Yong Kiat John