SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme for Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business

About the Course

The SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme leading to Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business will provide opportunities for participants to deepen their skills and knowledge needed for producing engaging digital content for the typical distribution platforms businesses use in today’s market. 

Graduates of this Specialist Diploma are able to create digital content for various media platforms and formats. In addition, graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills in user experience, project management and business models. In short, each graduate is able to create, manage and monetize brand and marketing messages.

Participants will undergo a 12-month structured training programme including on-the-job training, facilitated/e-Learning training and company-based projects leading to a Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business.

Post-Diploma Certificates under ELP

Post-Diploma Certificate in Design by Republic Polytechnic (RP)

  • Visual Communications
  • Digital Photography
  • User Experience Fundamentals
  • Business Model Design

Post-Diploma Certificate in Production by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

  • Interactive Digital Animation
  • Principles of Project Management
  • Audio and Video Production Techniques

Module Synopsis


1. Post-Diploma Certificate in Design by Republic Polytechnic (RP)

Visual Communications

This module gives an overview of the various types of digital commerce models and how technology is disrupting traditional business models. Students will explore how software developers are the engine of digital business models and the key forces shaping the digital economy. Through the module, students will explore and leverage on emerging business opportunities in the Digital Economy.

Digital Photography

Through this module, students will be introduced to the history of photography, as well as the technological developments that have directly influenced the craft. Students will explore the styles and techniques of Master photographers in various genres such as: Photojournalism, Landscape, Portrait, Sports, Fashion, Street/Travel and Product photography.
The module also provides instructions in camera operations, digital workflow, and image manipulation techniques using editing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  In their course of study, students will propose and create an online Photography portfolio of their best photographs for critical review.

User Experience Fundamentals

Understanding your user needs is key to creating great digital content. Learn how user experience (UX) research and design techniques can help you better understand your users and create great experiences for your digital content consumers. This module will have a balanced approach of UX theory and practical applications through hands-on exercises on various UX tools and techniques. Students will learn the importance of organizing and presenting content for consumers’ interaction on various digital platforms.

Business Model Design

Due to the advent of disruptive trends and technologies, traditional business models need to transform into new digital business model by engaging in new management styles. Students will be introduced to design thinking and how it applies to business model design. From this module, students will learn the differences between Agile and Lean Start-up business methodologies.

2. Post-Diploma Certificate in Production by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Interactive Digital Animation

Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of interactive computer graphics through 3D modelling, special 3D effects and animation. Using a series of practical workshops students will learn basic animation techniques, and how to generate special effects. Interactive Digital Animation is intended to expose students to the craft of creating basic animation using relevant tools through proper understanding of interactive computer graphics and processes and actual hands-on practice at practical workshop and in the completion of assignments in the course.

Principles of Project Management

Principles of Project Management will provide both theoretical and practical insights on the management of projects. Students will be taught the characteristics of different industries, and how project management skills apply in them. These give undergraduates a solid foundation in the appreciation and application of project management. It prepares them for an in-depth understanding of project management in science and technology.

Audio & Video Production Techniques

This course aims to provide students with an overview of audio and video production. It will introduce students to the theoretical and application aspects of video content creation using a single camera.  Applying the theories discussed, students will be assigned roles and work in teams to use audio, video and editing tools to produce short form content that would be suitable across traditional and online platforms.


Commencement Date




June 2019 12 months Republic Polytechnic/ Singapore University of Social Sciences Campus View Schedule Here

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who are either of the below:

  • Fresh polytechnic graduates from relevant courses, within 3 years of graduation or completion of National Service (ORD)


  • Current employees who have graduated from relevant courses/ORD for more than 3 years but within 5 years

Relevant Diplomas from the five local Polytechnics:

1. Republic Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Media Production and Design

  • Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media

2. Singapore Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Media and Communication

  • Diploma in Visual Communication and Media design

3. Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations

  • Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Diploma in Chinese Media and Communication

4. Nanyang Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Visual Communication 80

  • Diploma in Marketing

  • Diploma in Mass Media Management

5. Temasek Polytechnic

  • Diploma in Retail Management

  • Diploma in Communications and Media Management

  • Diploma in Communication Design

  • Diploma in Digital Film and Television

Singapore Citizens

Fees Payable (After Subsidy & GST)

Post Diploma Certificate (PDC) Fee by RP

Post Diploma Certificate (PDC) Fee by SUSS

Total Course Fee (Inclusive of GST)

Work Training Support WTS Scheme








40 years & above




below 40 years old




Singapore Permanent Resident

Post Diploma Certificate (PDC) Fee by RP

Post Diploma Certificate (PDC) Fee by SUSS

Total Course Fee (Inclusive of GST)




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