Specialist Diploma in Healthy Ageing & Community Care for Seniors


About the Course

With expanding longevity and a greying population, there is an increasing demand on Singapore’s healthcare system and families. There is an urgent need to develop a category of non-clinical staff who can keep seniors healthy in the community. These professionals will provide effective community care through the introduction of appropriate exercises and healthy behaviours for seniors to enhance their physical health, emotional and mental resilience, and socially activeness.

What is so unique about this programme?

The Specialist Diploma in Healthy Ageing & Community Care for Seniors (SDHCS) will equip participants to function in the community with knowledge and multiple skills sets in exercise science, health promotion, health coaching, care coordination and care navigation skills.

Target Audience

Community Care Coordinator, Senior Care Coordinator, Senior Patient Care Associate Senior Patient Service Associate, Senior Social Work Assistant, Social Work Assistant

How often do I need to attend the course?

Lessons will be held at RP ACE @ Woodlands

Number of Lesson Duration
3 times a week 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Note: Some lessons will be conducted via online learning.


Participants will be awarded the Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) upon successful completion of each certificate programme. The Specialist Diploma in Healthy Ageing & Community Care for Seniors will be issued upon meeting 50% of attendance requirement and passing the assessment criteria of both PDCs.

Post-Diploma Certificate
Healthy Ageing for Seniors
  1. Ageing Process & Promotion of Physical Health
  2. Holistic Assessment for Seniors
  3. Psychosocial Health and Nutrition for Seniors
Community Care for Seniors
  1. Prevention and Management of Falls and frailty in Seniors
  2. Care for Seniors with Chronic Illnesses
  3. Multi-disciplinary and Multi-sectoral care for Seniors (including case management)


1. Post-Diploma Certificate in Healthy Ageing for Seniors

Ageing Process & Promotion of Physical Health

This module introduces students to the four perspectives of aging, namely chronological aging, biological aging, psychological aging, and sociological aging. Students will appreciate the knowledge that the meaning of aging is more than chronological age. Mental function, personality, and changes in a person’s roles and relationships are all playing a part in the aging process. This module equips the students with knowledge on the processes and problems associated with aging. In addition, students will gain practical knowledge on the promotion of cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular fitness and good posture in the elderly.

Holistic Assessment for Seniors

This module introduces students to the knowledge of holistic assessment for Seniors. Students will learn various tools used in the physical and psychosocial assessment of the aged in the community. They will appreciate how holistic assessment works to reduce the time and promotes greater equity in the process of assessment. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to conduct cognitive, dementia, social, health and fitness, and caregiver assessment independently.

Psychosocial Health and Nutrition for Seniors

This module aims to educate participants on the psychosocial and nutritional needs in the population of Seniors. This module provides the tools to assess and comprehend the emotional, social, financial and cognitive dimensions of wellness in order to prevent mental conditions. Participants will gain competence in fundamental nutrition and weight management concepts to apply across various chronic diseases and common conditions associated with this age group.     

2. Post-Diploma Certificate in Community Care for Seniors

Prevention and Management of Falls and frailty in Seniors

This module aims to educate students on frailty and fall prevention in the elderly population. Students would gain theory and practical knowledge on the different types of screening and physical assessments, the health and fitness components and the importance of balance and mobility in this population. This module also provides the tools to plan and implement the different types of exercises and/or functional fitness programme safely and effectively in order for the senior or elderly population to live independent lives.

Care for Seniors with Chronic Illnesses

Chronic disease is a major health concern which may be slow in progression and long in duration. It affects the productivity and quality of the life of an individual. This module focuses on the care for Seniors with chronic diseases in the community. It introduces students to the knowledge that addresses elderly’s’ self-management and accessibility to community information and resources, encourages elderly to engage in active living and aging in place, promotes appropriate health behaviour and autonomous decision-making, and advocates advance care planning of chronic diseases.

Multi-disciplinary and Multi-sectoral care for Seniors (including case management)

To promote healthy ageing and caring for seniors in the community involve the delivery of health and social care across various disciplines and sectors. This module aims to equip graduates with knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies for effective case management. Specifically, graduates will be taught on how to coordinate care across care continuum and sectors with the aim of assisting clients and family members to navigate the complex healthcare system. One of their major role is to collaborate and liaise with community partners for client’s continuity of care in the community. They will also be taught on skills to leverage on community partners & resources for follow up and support e.g. finance, transport, meals, escort services, medical equipment, appointments etc. Graduates will be taught on the importance of maintaining effective communication and interpersonal relations.  
New Intake Commencement Duration Mode and Venue Schedule Application Start and End Date
April 1 Year Face-to-face lesson at Republic Polytechnic Schedule Nov 2022 - Jan 2023

Application outcome will be released at least 3 weeks prior to course commencement

Note: RP reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme and amend information without prior notice.

Applicants should possess at least a local diploma qualification or equivalent in:

  • Allied Health
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Sports Sciences
  • Health Promotion
  • Sports Coaching
  • Public Health

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on evidence of at least 5 years of relevant working experience or supporting evidence of competency readiness. Suitable applicants who are shortlisted will have to go through an interview and/or entrance test. The Polytechnic reserves the right to shortlist and admit applicants.

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Last updated on 01 Aug 2023

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