Sport Psychology: Resilience in Action

How do athletes prepare their mind for competition? This Applied Learning Module (ApLM) will let you have an introduction to the basic concepts in sports psychology. It gives the students opportunity to develop the mental self by setting personal goals, developing self-esteem, establishing positive self-talk and coping with stress in academic, leadership, and sporting scenarios. This ApLM introduces these basic mental skills to develop participants’ coping mechanisms and establish confident individuals to take on future challenges. These coping techniques are useful for in school, sports and everyday challenges. This module is helpful for students who are current athletes, or wish to pursue sport psychology. 


Students will be able to:
1. Apply basic strategies of sports psychology’s mental skills training in both sports and personal lives.
2. Set their own goals for their sporting, academic or leadership roles.
3. Acquire the basic sports psychology’s mental skills to handle stressful situations.
4. Apply self-talk and routines to their daily lives, in sports and / or in their leadership roles.


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