The Urban Agriculture Centre of Innovation (UACOI) was officially launched in October 2022 to drive Research & Development (R&D) and innovation partnerships across the urban agriculture value chainchain. It will also support the build-up of innovation capabilities for SMEs in this sector. The Centre is led by Republic Polytechnic’s AGRI Centre and supported by Temasek Polytechnic’s CROPs Centre

It will focus on key areas of innovation and R&D commercialisation efforts as follows:

Before Graduation Day

Enhance Crop Health

  • To support the deployment of pest management practices and support companies' disease control and management
  • To develop and support the development of sustainable crop health products
Before Graduation Day

Develop Superior Crops

  • To identify and select crop varieties yielding desirable traits (such as longer shelf life, higher yield, pest resistance, superior nutrient profile) in urban farming environment
  • To provide expertise on optimising environmental parameters and nutrient recipes to enhance crop growth, including for novel crops
Before Graduation Day

Enable Smart Farming

  • To identify and support the deployment of scalable, affordable and reliable automation solutions for farms
  • To support IOT-enabled with data analytics that combines plant science R&D to optimise crop yield and quality
  • To identify and support the deployment of cost-effective energy solutions

Companies seeking such support can tap on the expertise offered by the AGRI Centre and CROPS.

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