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Too many administrative and repetitive tasks to handle? Want to automate some of your work processes and eliminate human errors? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help you!

This programme aims to help employees to increase productivity through automation of digitized repetitive tasks by learning and applying RPA. This applied learning workshop has two phases:

  • Phase 1 - a 2-day classroom session on introduction to RPA, use cases sharing, hands-on scripting exercises on RPA, RPA project management, and participant’s first use case process review.

  • Phase 2 - RPA first use case implementation facilitation (three half-day sessions). A project team with 1-4 participants will be formed to embark on first use case project. Mentors will be assigned to facilitate each project group. 

Sign up now for this quick to learn & deploy programme that can free you from mundane and repetitive tasks so that you can channel precious time for higher value work.

Upon completing the course, you may extend your RPA capabilities by progressing through Stages 2 and 3 of this structured pathway:

  • Stage 1: goRPA
  • Stage 2: goRPA Advanced
  • Stage 3: goRPA Expert

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Attain the skills in RPA script development and apply directly to their work processes
  • Be equipped with the knowledge to assess and identify possible areas for RPA development to improve work productivity
  • Appreciate the benefits of RPA in automating repetitive tasks and eliminate human error

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for business professionals and individuals who are keen to learn how to use RPA to eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks.

Entry Requirement

Participants should be IT-savvy, expected to be familiar in general operation of a personal computer (PC) and proficient in using Microsoft Office.

For this course, RP has prepared laptops with UiPath software to facilitate the first 2 days’ of classroom training. To effectively reinforce the knowledge learnt from goRPA, participants are encouraged to use own laptop with pre-installed UiPath. To achieve the best learning outcome, participants are expected to use their own laptops for the development of their projects so they can apply what they have created directly.


Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion upon meeting the 75% course attendance requirement.

For courses with formal assessment component, participants will be awarded the certification of completion upon passing the assessment. Otherwise, a certification of attendance will be issued instead upon meeting the 75% course attendance requirement.

Trainer's Profile

Mr. Eugene Tham has been teaching in Republic Polytechnic since 2006. Prior to this, he worked in DSO National Lab as an embedded systems software engineer for six years. For most of his career, Eugene has been revolving around software coding, embedded systems and microcontroller. His alternate interest lies in electronics and product design. Eugene is passionate about service-learning and have been leading various service-learning projects both local and overseas since 2010, enriching the out-of-classroom service-learning experience for his students through these projects.

Eugene is a strong proponent of RPA. He is well-versed in both Workfusion and UiPath, and have obtained UiPath’s Advanced Developer Certification. He is currently imparting his RPA skills to the industry via Republic Polytechnic’s RPA short courses.

Eugene graduated with a first class honors in Computer Engineering from NTU. In addition, he has a Masters in Computer Science from NTU, and a Masters in Engineering and Management from MIT.

Mr. Ong Lee Weng joined the School of Engineering of Republic Polytechnic (RP) and has served the education sector for more than 10 years as a lecturer. During his secondment to RP’s Centre of Innovation - Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM), Lee Weng was in the consulting team that help to improve productivity of companies in the SCM areas, he was involved in various RPA implementation projects across different industries. Prior to joining RP, Lee Weng has previously worked in the new product development of semiconductor industry.

Lee Weng holds a Master of Science (Industrial and System Engineering) degree from National University of Singapore.

Mr. Vincent Lim is a Senior Lecturer with Republic Polytechnic and has several years of RPA implementation experience with companies in Singapore. He started his career as a software engineer and has deployed several software systems around the Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Republic Polytechnic, Vincent took on regional roles in integrating Lean Six Sigma methodology with digital technologies.

Vincent graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Computer Engineering, and holds a Master of Business Administration.

Ms. Deborah Zhou holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University and a Master of Science (Computer Science) from University of Manitoba. Deborah has been teaching in various computer programming, security and business process management courses in Republic Polytechnic.

Deborah’s technical expertise and industrial experience includes developing online banking system, cloud-based fleet management system and mobile applications; Additionally, her experience covers area such as RPA project consultancy for small-medium enterprise, multinational companies and government agencies. Deborah is also a certified Solaris Administrator, Java Programmer, an Ethical Hacker and a UiPath RPA Developer. 

Mr. Gary Chan holds a Diploma in Electronics & Computer Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Science & Technology Policy and Management, both from the University of Manchester. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Manchester Business School.

At Republic Polytechnic’s School of Infocomm, Gary conducts classes for Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics. He also teaches short courses on Drones and Robotic Process Automation. 

Ms. Julia Lee is an experienced lecturer with 12 years of teaching in both tertiary students and adult learners. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore and a graduate diploma in Marketing from Marketing Institute of Singapore. She has also obtained unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Remote Pilot Licence in Australia. Julia has been teaching in various IT courses as well as UAV courses in Republic Polytechnic. She believes that learning should not be limited in the school, learners should acquire not only with the right skill but also with globalism attitude as well as empathy.

Julia’s technical expertise and industrial experience includes developing online learning system, animation and multimedia applications; Additionally, her experience covers areas such as RPA project consultancy for small-medium enterprise, multinational companies and government agencies. Prior to teaching, she has more than 12 years of industry experiences working in a dynamic multinational company.

Mr. Friso Kluit is a Senior Lecturer (Industry) from the Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM). He joined Republic Polytechnic back in 2003 as a Lecturer in the School of Infocomm. In his years as (Senior) Lecturer he focused on development of mobile and cloud applications. In 2013 he moved his focus and joined COI-SCM. He continued in cloud and mobile development, but now focusing on industry adoption. Furthermore, he has been active with other Technologies, such as RPA, Internet of Things (IoT) and digitization as well. He has conducted many RPA workshops over the last few years and implemented countless projects together with the workshop participants.

Friso has a Masters Degree in Knowledge Management (Artificial Intelligence) from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Dr. Liu Shubin obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore. He joined Republic Polytechnic in 2011 as a lecturer with the School of Engineering. Dr. Liu serves as Solutions Enabler in the Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM), Republic Polytechnic from 2013. He has successfully delivered more than 40 consulting projects for various industries since 2013. Dr. Liu was certified for RPA for UiPath RPA Developer Foundation, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath RPA Developer Advanced. He was recognised as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by leading RPA software company UiPath in 2019.


The RP trainers are passionate and take a genuine interest in ensuring participants grasp the RPA concepts. The goRPA workshop also has a very healthy trainer-to-participants ratio. This way, the trainers are able to walk participants through their use cases and guide them in applying their newly acquired skill sets to script their first bots!
Mr. Norman Tan
Director, Finance Shared Services Centre
Finance and Admin Division
Ministry of Home Affairs

Please click on the "Register" button to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).
Please click on the "Register" button to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).

Last updated on 20 Dec 2023

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