Foundational Sport Science (FSS)

As we learn more about the human body, we also learn how that knowledge can be used to enhance physical performance and maintenance.

Conducted online, participants will be guided through the foundational theoretical knowledge and practical applications within the Sports Science discipline.

From injury management to psychology, this course provides the foundation for participants who wish to pursue the Fitness Instructor Course.

*This course forms part of the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be introduced to the following fundamental sports science domains:

  • Introduction to Exercise and Sports
  • Anatomy and injury prevention
  • Sports biomechanics
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports physiology
  • Sports psychology
  • Strength and conditioning

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Who should attend?

  • Coaches, athletes, fitness trainers, Physical Education teachers, physiotherapists, nurses, sport trainers, health and fitness enthusiasts.
  • General public interested in Sports Science and Coaching. 

Entry Requirement

Minimum age of 18 years old.

The course and assessment will be conducted in English. It is recommended, although not required that participants should possess a credit in the English Language at the GCE O-Level, N(A)-Level or Employability Skills System (ESS) of Level 5.


Direct Waiver for the FSS course can be found here.


Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion upon meeting the 75% course attendance requirement.

For courses with formal assessment component, participants will be awarded the certification of completion upon passing the assessment. Otherwise, a certification of attendance will be issued instead upon meeting the 75% course attendance requirement.

Course Dates


Online Course Start Date

 33  12 Jun 2023
 34  3 July 2023
 35  10 July 2023
 36  7 August 2023

Please note that there will be an assessment after each intake.

Assessment and Re-Assessment are conducted Face to Face at RP ACE @ Woodlands

Course Duration

7 Hours (Asynchronous) + 2-hour assessment (assessment is 1 hour and 2 attempts allowed)

Course Venue

This course is conducted online (self pace).

Assessment and Re-Assessment are conducted

Face-to-face at RP ACE @ Woodlands

*All information may be subject to changes.

Fees for 2022

Full course fee (with GST) Singapore Citizens aged 39 & below OR Singapore PR Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens OR Singapore PR
$107.00 $32.10 $10.70 $12.10

Fees for 2023

Full Course Fees (with GST) Singapore Citizens aged 39 & below Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above Singapore PR SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens SME-sponsored Singapore PR
$108.00 $32.10 $10.70 $32.40 $12.10 $12.40

*Fee of $50.00 (before GST) payable to retake exam on re-exam date if you fail or were absent from first exam date without a Letter of Absence.

- Payment may be made using SkillsFuture Credit.
- Fees reflected are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). In line with the government fee freeze directive from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2023, the fees in 2023 for Singapore Citizen will remain the same as 2022. RP will absorb the additional 1% GST for Singapore Citizen in 2023 only.

Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to make changes to the course fee and application closing dates without prior notice. The commencement of each course is subject to sufficient number of participants. 

All information is accurate at time of publishing. 

Last updated on 24 Aug 2023

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