Professional Certificate in Wellness Therapy and Practices 保健调理与实践专业证书

In this course, you will learn the skills of full body massage and complementary therapies such as body scrubs, wraps, and treatments through hands-on simulation and practical activities. You will also gain knowledge in anatomy and physiology, health, hygiene and safety, and standard procedures of a spa treatment room set-up . 

This course will also foster and instill the necessary skills  required in grooming and deportment, according to the standards expected by the industry. Through simulation of client care and consultation, interpersonal communication skills will be inculcated.

Lessons will be conducted in the purpose-built spa laboratory at the Republic Hospitality Centre.

Spa and Wellness companies to offer Career Conversion  opportunities, as well as Wellness Work Experience Programme during the training period. Interested applicants who wish to experience the industry can register their interest with the trainer during the course.





Learning Objectives / 学习目标 

The course covers the following key topics:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Massage
  • Health, Hygiene and Safety in a Spa setting
  • Client Care and Consultation
  • Swedish Massage Techniques and Movements

By the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Explain the physiological and psychological effects of massages and complementary spa therapies
  • Explain and demonstrate hygiene practices through personal grooming standards and treatment sanitisation protocols
  • Demonstrate client care, health and safety practices through client consultation, therapist professional conduct and ethics, and safety assessment and procedures
  • Perform techniques and movements for full body massage, scrubs and wraps
  • 按摩解剖学与生理学
  • 水疗设置的卫生与安全
  • 客户服务与咨询
  • 瑞典式按摩技巧与手法
  • 解释按摩和辅助水疗疗法的生理与心理影响
  • 解释并示范个人形象管理与水疗服务的卫生方案
  • 展现客户咨询、治疗师专业操守、安全评估与客户服务程序
  • 执行全身按摩、磨砂和裹敷

Who should attend? / 谁该参加? 

Individuals who are interested to enter the spa and wellness industry without prior knowledge and skills, as well as current spa practitioners looking to upgrade their skills.

This course is also beneficial for individuals who are looking to acquire skills in massage and therapies for their own personal development.



Entry Requirement / 课程要求 

Participants must be reasonably fit and able to move without aids, as this course requires physical movements.

For the course intake in English, participants should be conversant in the English language.

For the course intake in Mandarin, participants should possess basic understanding and ability to converse in Mandarin. 



Certification / 证书 

Participants will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Wellness Therapy and Practices issued by Republic Polytechnic upon meeting 75% of the attendance requirement and successful completion of the course requirements, and passing of both practical and theory assessments.

This Professional certification is recognised by Police Licensing & Regulatory Department for application to be a qualified therapist in a Massage Establishment.

Assessment (100%) is made up of 2 components:

  1. 90-min practical assessment (50%) 
  2. 60-min written paper assessment on theoretical knowledge (50%)
Note: This is a practical module requiring hands-on activities, participants should be able to receive and give massage for learning and assessment purposes.




  1. 90分钟的实践评估(50%)
  2. 理论知识书面评估(50%) 

Trainers' Profiles / 培训师简介

Fattimah Ally has over 18 years of experience in wellness treatments and practices training and is certified by International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) in Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Stress Management, and by the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) in Facial Services. After working in Bhutan and Indonesia for 8 years, she returned to Singapore to join the School of Hospitality at the Republic Polytechnic as a full-time lecturer. She has a keen interest in nurturing students from all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart, to help them develop their potential and discover new skills and knowledge.

Fattimah Ally 讲师拥有超过18年健康治疗和实践培训的经验。她同时拥有瑞典式按摩ITEC认证,以及美容方面的芳香疗法、反射疗法、压力管理的CIBTAC认证。她曾经在印尼安缦度假酒店管理5个水疗中心。她于2012年返回新加坡。因为热爱培训和教学成为了共和理工学院酒店管理学院的一名高级讲师。

Helen Tan has been in the beauty, spa and wellness training industry for over 35 years with CIBTAC, ITEC, & CIDESCO qualifications in Aesthetic, Body, Face and Body Electrotherapy, Spa, Aromatherapy, Advance Skincare Treatments, IPL, Microdermabrasion since 1982 onwards. Being a seasoned and respected trainer, as well as an international examiner with CIDESCO International & ITEC for more than 18 years, Helen has gathered a multitude of various experiences that add value to her qualifications as a trainer. Her professional career has been anchored in training, spa licensing, consultancy (setting up beauty college in Vietnam with accrediting bodies), courseware development with ACTA & DACE qualifications, and managing 5-star hotel spas and airport spa. She has a great passion in nurturing and developing students to their fullest potential with a proven record of success stories.

Helen Tan 讲师已经在美容、水疗和健康培训行业有35年的从业经验。在美容、身体、面部和身体电疗、水疗、芳香疗法、高级护肤护理、IPL、微晶换肤术方面已经取得了CIBTAC、ITEC 和 CIDESCO的资格认证。她同时也在CIDESCO International & ITEC担任了18年的培训师、并兼任国际考官一职。她的职业履历还包括培训、水疗中心认证、咨询、具有 ACTA 和 DACE 资格的课程开发,以及管理五星级酒店水疗中心和机场水疗中心。

Dianna Lui has more than 20 years’ experience as a professional in healthcare of
TCM and Western medicine, specialising in wellness treatments. She has international wellness certifications from ITEC UK, IFPA, CIDESCO, and is also a member of the "International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists". 

She started her career as a specialist Pediatrician in China. She is now a certified Acupuncturist by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Board of the Ministry of Health Singapore and a member of Association for Promoting Chinese Medicine.

As a spa consultant, she was involved with project management, training and education, operational audit and follow-up of operational standards implementation. Some of her past projects include SPAcademy by Raffles international, and several five-star hotel spas.

Dianna was involved in the initial development of Singapore WSQ Skills Development Programme and was of the developers and chief editors of the Standard of "Spa Therapist Skills Requirements of China”. 

She is also an educator and actively participates in the promotion of spa and wellness programmes, participated in healthcare activities organised by "Senior Center" and Residents’ Committee. She was interviewed by "Lianhe Zaobao" and "Asia Spa" magazine and participated in the 95.8 radio station for health and wellness radio program.


刘老师曾参与过的一些项目包括来佛士Spa学院及多家五星级酒店Spa 的设立。作为Spa顾问,参与项目的筹备、培训与教育、营运审计及跟踪营运标准执行等。也曾参与新加坡WSQ技能发展项目中Spa培训大纲的讨论与编写工作。曾受邀担任《中华人民共和国Spa技师技能要求》标准的起草及主编者之一。
刘老师积极参与Spa养生和健康项目的推广,受邀参与过“敬老中心”、社区民众联络所等举办的保健活动,也曾被《联合早报》、《Asia Spa》杂志采访并参与过95.8电台的养生与保健专题广播节目。


Helen’s teaching is simple, detailed, effective with systematic step-by-step guidance. She is a very passionate trainer, and always pushed me to my highest potential.
After completing the course, I have acquired new skills, more equipped with a deeper and better understanding of delivering a good and effective therapy. I also felt empowered as a Wellness Therapist.
I highly recommend Helen as a trainer, as she has unique abilities, knowledge, skills and many years of experience in delivering her training.
Geene Huang, April 2022

The Professional Certificate in Wellness Therapy and Practices course was not only an efficient way to achieve the necessary licensing for my work, but was also a good means of revisiting important fundamentals in all forms of bodywork. The theoretical and practical aspects of bodywork were covered in a clear and concise manner, with enriching personal sharing by the course instructors in reminding the participants of duties of care and consideration for their clients. In a short span of time, the disciplines needed in ensuring a positive and enriching client journey were covered and gently trained, regardless of the level of skill or experience of the participants. I found the learning environment to be very open (despite being the only male therapist then), and with careful guidance the class was able to cover all the techniques and practices needed. I wholeheartedly recommend the PC-WTP course as hosted by the Republic Polytechnic.
Weixin Lou
(MSc. Ex. & Sp. Sci), October 2021

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Please click on the "Register" button to view the updated course schedule and fees on the Skills Training & Enhancement Portal (STEP).

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