Hospitality Consultancy and R&D

Hospitality Consultancy and R&D

Food Research & Development: Developing Plant-based Mycomeat Culinary Products 


With the projected global population of 10 billion people by 2050, there is a need to look towards alternative meat and protein as a form of sustainable food source rather than traditional meat proteins.

Development of sustainable plant and mycelium-based alternative protein has been an area of research with several Mycomeats currently developed in the market. While Mycomeat has advantages such as low in cost, rich in fibre and low in fat, the area of taste and flavouring has still been lacking for Mycomeats. 



Together with our colleagues from School of Applied Science, School of Hospitality’s culinary chefs have been working on the improvement of the flavouring and tastes of Mycomeat. By experimenting with innovative combination of plant-based ingredients, seasoning and food preparation methods, we have successfully enhanced the flavor and texture of the culinary Mycomeat products, achieving a distinct ‘umami’ taste for the RP developed Mycomeat. SOH culinary chefs have also developed multiple culinary products with the Mycomeats such as Mala Mycomeat Chips that would appeal to the common man’s taste buds. 

Mycomeat Culinary Products
School of Hospitality Culinary Chefs of the Research Team. 

Hospitality Consultancy and R&D

Developing Therapeutic Menu for Woodlands Health



Woodlands Health (WH) provides care for the north-western population in Singapore. Their purpose-built integrated campus is set to operate progressively from 2023. The campus will include a fully-integrated acute and community hospital, specialist outpatient clinics, intermediate and long-term care facilities and green healing spaces.

Collaboration - Developing therapeutic menu

Prior to their operation, chefs and dieticians from WH collaborated with Chef Soon and Chef Don from SOH to conduct menu research and development in RP’s Culinary Lab for normal and special diets.


SOH Hospitality Solutions Centre (HSC) team created therapeutic menu options for 9th ave., a training restaurant in RP. The recipes can also be found in the RP20 Anniversary's cookbook by Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations. Before launching the therapeutic menu items in Nov 2021, there was a demonstration session of healthy eating recipes. 

The therapeutic menu items were curated through the following:

  • Texture-modified diet
  • Fine-tuning and finalisation of the recipes and cooking processes for main sauces, gravy, starch, side dishes, seasoning and appetisers
  • Sensory evaluation by students and chefs of the menu created

WH1Other benefits:

  • Therapeutic food texture with Woodland Health dietitian workshop by Speech Therapist and Chef Francis for the students and lecturers
  • Contributed to the development of a new module - H225: Culinary Science and Arts. The key learning outcomes in Lessons 3-5 are restaurant menu planning featuring nutrition and therapeutic menu items.