Mr Alvin Chiang: Achieving milestones in his hospitality experiences

24 Jul 2018

  • Alvin

    Mr Alvin Chiang, lecturer of Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management (DHHM)

Today marks the first day of the video shooting for #SOHprofessional series where we invited Mr Alvin Chiang, lecturer of Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management (DHHM) to be one of the main hosts in one episode. Stepping into the latest Hotel Experiential Lab where the filming was held, he was in all smiles, suited up with a dashing business casual look and seemingly ready for action.

Other than being a lecturer, Mr Alvin can be easily identified as the face of SOH who frequently appeared in various posters, websites and social media. It is no wonder why he could be so composed in front of the camera.

When asked about his most memorable industrial experience, he mentioned about his time working at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). As the Director of RWS back then, he was one of the key players who made the opening of Singapore’s first-ever Casino in 2014 successful.

“I recall the first day of the casino operations was on 14 February, so it was not only Valentine Day but also the first day of Chinese New Year. While everyone was enjoying themselves, I was working. But I have a very fun team of members working with me. Even though it was crowded, hot and sweaty, everyone pulled through. We even worked for 14 days straight, as the casino was new and everybody wanted to find out what we have in the making. It was history in the making and definitely a memorable moment for me.”

Working beyond office hours is a norm in the hospitality industry. As one may think it might be unsuitable for the current millennials known as the “strawberry generation”, Mr Alvin thought otherwise:

“Every generation will think the new generation turns out very bad, but in fact, every generation has its own resilience. I have seen students that I thought wouldn’t fit into the hospitality industry but they have since graduated and doing pretty well in the hotel line.”

Crediting his father on influencing his chosen career in hospitality, he said: “My Dad worked in the hotel line for 30 years, he has an outgoing personality and likes to serve people. Maybe some of his DNA is inside me. I find great job satisfaction in ensuring my guests are happy or entertained in their experience with us.”

He reminded his students every day: “Most importantly is to always go with an open mind. Even as a lecturer myself, I am learning new things every day, from my students, other lecturers or even the industry partners. Do not always say that you know everything, the thirst for knowledge and learning should always be there!” 

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