Play hard, work even harder – Let’s follow the life of a SOH student, Aisyah!

16 Oct 2018

  • School of Hospitality, Play hard, work even harder – Let’s follow the life of a SOH student, Aisyah!
    Play hard, work even harder – Let’s follow the life of a SOH student, Aisyah!
  • Get busy: Ongoing group discussion!
  • Healthy and convenient: Aisyah’s favourite food in RP - Crowded bowl from Lawn Food Court
  • Vice President of SOH Club, Aisyah, giving her welcome speech to the new batch of EXCO members.
  • Aisyah and her NPCC team

Morning: 8am to 10am – Ongoing lessons

“As our school uses the Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach in classes, all students are given a new problem to solve by the end of the day. A worksheet will be given to us, the lecturer will go through the answers and concepts after we presented our solutions. I like how PBL prepares us well to do public speaking in any kinds of situation.”

Afternoon: 10am to 2pm – Project Discussion + Lunch Break

“We usually have 2 breaks during the lesson. This gives us time for discussion of the problem and preparation of the presentation slides. As these are all free sessions, we can choose to have our lunch early in between.”

“I usually finish up our discussion before I go for lunch to be more productive. I would make use of the first break to complete the problem worksheet with my groupmates and have lunch during the second break before preparing the slides.”

Afternoon: 4pm to 5pm – Waste no time to complete homework

“After lesson time, I would complete any practice questions, reflection journal and evaluations within that hour since things learned that day are still fresh in my mind. If time permits, I would even do review and notes for upcoming quizzes.”

Evening: 5pm to 6.30 – Start of endless meetings

“We have Executive Committee (EXCO) meeting almost on a daily basis, and it is necessary as we have many different agendas to work on. This includes delegating work for the other committee members and planning for SOH camps, SOH day and other community projects. Meeting and working with both external and internal people helps to improve my communication skills.

Evening: 6.30pm to 9pm – NPCC training (Weekly)

“I am still involved in my previous co-curriculum activity (CCA) – National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) as a Cadet Inspector to train the secondary school students.  NPCC was not my first choice of CCA back then in Teck Whye Secondary School, but I was given many opportunities to develop my leadership skills through NPCC. I remembered being selected as the Coordinator and represented the school for the National Police Annual Parade. Such opportunities were rare and I eventually grew liking NPCC.

Since stepping down from the CCA, I feel the need to return every week to train the students because of my passion for teaching and the satisfaction of impacting the lives of the junior cadets and watching some of the introverts ones grow and shine.”

Weekends: Time for family and studying

“Despite having many commitments, I do prioritise my time between studies and family and friends. Saturdays are meant for my family and friends, while Sundays are purely for studying.”

Bonus! - Favourite Questionnaire with Aisyah

Favourite dessert in RP: Ondeh ondeh cake from TRCC (The Republic Cultural Centre)

Favourite fact about SOH: Lecturers and friends are all so approachable!

Favourite event in RP: Temasek Foundation International Specialist in Community Action and Leadership Exchange Programme (TFI SCALE) IV: The Lake Toba trip in Indonesia! It’s a 3 weeks inbound and 2 weeks outbound programme. The new friendships forged are truly unforgettable! We presented to the Lake Toba Tourism Authority about our real life solutions on Sustainable Tourism, it was nerve wracking but we felt accomplished.