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SOH signs MOU with IFSC to co-create cutting edge solutions for the hospitality industry

21 Jun 2023

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Imagine robots wiping up spills and sweeping waste at your next staycation. This will soon become mainstream. 

RP School of Hospitality (SOH) will deploy two proof-of-concept autonomous cleaning robots at our Hotel Experiential Lab. Both robots will perform simple cleaning tasks by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). The robots can detect, identify and classify the waste and spills on the floor. It will then determine which robot, either the vacuum or wet scrubbing robot, to activate to proceed with the cleaning up. This is just one example of how we’re working with the industry to become a test bed for AI applications.

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with IFSC Pte Ltd to help co-create cutting edge solutions for the hospitality industry’s digital transformation.

Through this partnership, SOH staff and students will also have the opportunity to hone their skillsets in emerging technologies and data analytics by participating in internships, final year projects and staff attachments. Digitalisation is a key priority for many industry players and it’s important for our staff and students to have a good grasp of what this entails.

At RP, we’re committed to offering students unique, real-world learning experiences to prepare them for the future economy.