SOH students experience Poly Forum 2019

30 Sep 2019

  • Poly Forum 7
    SOH students with RP facilitator rep from SOH
  • Cheryl interacting with seniors at a hawker centre
  • Poly Forum 4
    RP students with Mr Boo Chong-Han, Deputy Principal Student Services & Organisation Development and Mr Ganesh Kalyanam, Director of Office of Student and Graduate Affairs, during closing ceremony.

Our theme this year is DECODING & ENCODING THE SINGAPORE DNA. Students discovered the DNA strands that have made us strong and resilient as a nation.  Sub-themes have been ordered to form the acronym H.O.M.E. (i.e. Heart & Grit (Self Determination), Openness & Connectivity, Multiculturalism, Enterprise). These are the qualities that will help Singapore overcome challenges in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Students listened to speeches by invited speakers that deepened their knowledge and participated in curated learning journeys that opened their hearts. They had many discussions with friends from other polytechnics and in the process, sharpened their thinking skills and provided opportunities for meaningful exchanges.

"Poly Forum 2019 has been an eye opening experience. I learnt many things that I would not be able to learn in classrooms. We shared experiences and heard stories from others, we learnt from each other and built friendships along the way. The one thing that was memorable for me was the speaker’s series. Where Mr David Chua from NYC mentioned that heart and grit means passion, persistence and purpose. Where I  reflected upon myself and felt that I sometimes lost that purpose when doing something. Poly Forum has also been many firsts for me. For example, dealing with logistics for the team and learning how to make a video.

I was thankful that I was given an opportunity to be in Poly Forum 19 and i hope to be in another one someday soon!"

Cheryl Lee Si Yao 
Diploma in Wellness and Hospitality Business

"Being able to speak to the elderly was a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for me, because I myself love to converse with the older people as I find them extremely interesting and knowledgeable that I could learn a lot from. The people we talked to were so polite, humble, warm and welcoming to us. Sharing bits and pieces of their life story be it sad or happy memories. I felt as if we were their emotional support even for the brief time we were there. All we had to do was listen to them, smile and show that we care about what they have to say.  Overall, it was the biggest highlight of my Poly Forum experience."

Tan Yan Ferdinand Arocha
Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business