Sohphia - SOH Digital Course Counsellor

14 Jun 2019

  • Sohphia - SOH Digital Course Counsellor
    Sohphia - SOH Digital Course Counsellor

School of Hospitality has just launched our very own Digital Course Counsellor – Sohphia. Sohphia is named after RP’s iconic landscape pond’s teardrop Sophia. In Greek, the name Sophia means wisdom and skills. She is chat, AI virtual assistant, who is fun, friendly and approachable in her role as a 24/7 digital course counsellor. She has also has gamification elements, such as personality quiz, fun facts games and trivia games.

You can chat with Sohphia to find out more about the hospitality industry, Early Admissions Exercise (EAE), hospitality business courses, hospitality career opportunities and further studies.

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