Food and Beverage Entrepreneurship Competition


The second edition of the Food and Beverage Entrepreneurship competition, organised by Republic Polytechnic's (RP) School of Hospitality, will be launched during the RP Open House on 7th Jan 2021, with the theme “Towards innovative and healthier Singaporean cuisine”.

Background - Singaporeans travel widely and have acquired a taste for diverse international cuisines. Without innovation, our local cuisine will lose its appeal. Furthermore, due to Singapore’s aging population, there is a growing demand for healthier local fare with therapeutic menu options.

Requirement – Re-create or restore local dishes that will appeal to the current and future population (for which you may choose the target market group such as teenagers, working adults or the elders) in terms of flavour, nutrition, therapeutic properties, texture and presentation.  

The competition gives participants with an interest in Food and Beverage the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative, problem-solving, creative and presentation skills in front of a panel of hospitality industry leaders.

Participants will gain an appreciation of a wide range of local cuisines as well as types of innovation taking place within the food and beverage industry. In addition, participants will also be exposed to the latest food trends such as, sustainability, wellness & nutrition and therapeutic menus adopted in the industry.

Who Can Participate?

The Competition is designed for the following categories:

1) Open Category (Polytechnic and ITE students)

2) Secondary Category (Sec 3 and above)


Republic Polytechnic Campus / Online


The Competition will kick off during the Republic Polytechnic Open House 2021 on the following dates:

Competition Phase Dates
Launch of Competition 7 January 2021
Submission of Projects 3 June 2021, 5pm
Panel Interview 16 September 2021
Announcement of Results 1 October 2021

Competition Format:


1. Teams of maximum 2 members will form a group to participate.

2. The top 10 teams will be selected for the panel interview.

3.  Teams will highlight their innovative project or cuisine relating to the Singapore food that could be promoted in the future. The marketing media output should be up to 5 minutes of video output or PowerPoint slides.

4. Teams will send their presentation to the email address attached.

5. The Top 10 teams with the highest scores will move on to the finals.


The project will be judged by an experienced panel of industry professionals.
Top 10 teams will present their projects incorporating prescribed parameters as follows:

Theme of the competition is “Towards innovative and healthier Singaporean cuisine”.

  1. Participants will explore innovative projects or cuisines suitable to promote healthy and good Singapore food for people of all ages and religions.

  2. Projects are to be submitted in A4 WORD FORMAT with Arial Font 12 for the wordings.

  3. Projects are to be saved onto a Zip file with the following naming convention:

    a) Name of the TEAM


    c) Type of business concept

    d) Budget of proposal


Champion : $300 vouchers or equivalent
1st Runner-up : $200 vouchers or equivalent
2nd Runner-up: $100 vouchers or equivalent

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Teams should abide by the rules and regulations of the competition
  2. Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it is incomplete or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the participant has breached any of these rules. 
  3. Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to alter, amend or close the competition as necessary. 
  4. The decisions of the competition judges are final, and there is no process of appeal. 
  5. In the case of any disputes regarding these rules, or the rules or instructions of the competition, the decision of Republic Polytechnic will be final and binding, and no correspondence will be entertained. 
  6. By taking part in the competition, the participants warrants that all information submitted is true, current and complete at the time of submission. It is the participant’s sole responsibility to ensure that the details and e-mail address are accurate, and that Republic Polytechnic is informed of any changes to these. Republic Polytechnic accepts no responsibility for any changes which are not properly notified from the time of submission of the entry to the time of notification that the prize has been awarded. 
  7. Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to all photos, videos and any other content generated as a result of the competition. 
  8. All teams will receive confirmation of their entry, directions to the site, and additional instructions for the competition via email. 
  9. All schools/institutions/individuals participating in the competition are responsible for completing the necessary indemnity and parental consent forms (for participants below the age of 18 as at the competition date) for each participating team.
  10. Registration for the competition closes on 28 February 2021.


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