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Hospitality Race 2019

The 4th edition of the Hospitality Race organised by Republic Polytechnic (RP) School of Hospitality will be held in June 2019, with the theme – “Silver Ties”.  Participants will explore age-appropriate and engaging activities and cuisines suitable for senior citizens to promote active ageing and towards creating a more enabling and inclusive environment that is supportive of people of all ages, including older people.

The Race will provide participants with an interest in Hospitality and Tourism programmes to demonstrate their presentation, problem-solving skills and creativity by completing and answering challenging case questions and challenges in front of a panel of hospitality industry leaders.

Participants will also gain an appreciation of the multiplicity of careers within the hospitality industry, and will also be exposed to the latest technological trends such as Virtual Reality (VR) adopted in the hospitality industry

Who Can Participate?

The Race is designed for secondary school students (Sec 2 and above) with an interest in the business of hospitality.


Republic Polytechnic


The Race will kick off during the annual Applied Studies Experience and Industry Exposure Programme (ASEIEP*) at RP from 25 – 28 March 2019.

Race Phase


Qualifying Rounds

  • 25 March 2019
  • 26 - 28 March 2019 period, only for ASEIEP* participating schools

VR Content Creation Workshop for Semi-Finalists

4 April 2019, 2:30 pm

Semi-Finals Rounds

10 - 30 April 2019 (Virtual Race)

Culinary Clinic for Finalists

17 May 2019


11 June 2019 (to be confirmed)

* Applied Studies Experience & Industry Exposure Programme (ASEIEP) is a Ministry of Education (MOE) Mass Outreach programme involving all 5 polytechnics which has taken place since 2015.  This event seeks to enable students to discover more about the various career options which would be helpful for them in making informed decisions about their post-secondary education pathways.

Race Format:

Qualifying Rounds:

Teams of maximum 3 members will race to locate and complete as many business and hospitality challenges (to be advised), within the stipulated timeframe.  Each team will receive a Race stamp after the completion of each Challenge.  The top 30 teams with the most number of Race stamps and completed the Challenges in the shortest time, will move on to the semi-finals.


One of the most common uses of virtual reality in the hospitality industry so far has been the creation of virtual travel experiences.  Through this, users can experience a virtual recreation of different attractions.  The requirements for this phase of the Race are:

  1. Top 30 teams will choose and promote an attraction in Singapore to senior citizens.
  2. Teams will highlight the unique selling point of the attraction to senior citizens, using media such as videos, photos, music, etc.The marketing media output should be up to 20 x 360 photos and up to 30 seconds of 360 video output in total, with an option to divide them into different scenes / segments for a virtual presentation of up to 15 minutes (e.g. https://youtu.be/7ybHTUUcqRQ).
  3. Teams will upload the content to a designated Virtual Reality (VR) converter platform, to be advised by RP.
  4. A complimentary training workshop to prepare, curate and convert the content on the designated VR online platform will be conducted by RP.
  5. The Top 10 teams with the highest scores will move on to the finals.


Top 10 teams will present a Silver Ties-themed Virtual Reality itinerary and meal incorporating prescribed parameters as follows:
  1. Present the Virtual Reality Tour of the selected attraction submitted during semi-finals
  2. Conceptualize a Silver Cuisine menu, featuring an appetizer, main course and dessert, incorporating compulsory sponsored products (Naturel Organic Brown Rice, Organic Macaroni and Naturel oil)
  3. Purchase the required ingredients on the day of Race at a mystery location to be advised by RP, within stipulated time.
  4. Cook the main course dish (3 portions) within one hour in RP.
The virtual tour and dish created will be judged and experienced by a panel of professional industry professionals and a group of senior citizens.  The teams with the highest votes will win the Race.


Champion : $800 vouchers or equivalent, trophy & medals
1st Runner-up : $500 vouchers or equivalent, trophy & medals
2nd Runner-up: $300 vouchers or equivalent, trophy & medals

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Teams should abide by the rules and regulations of the Race. 

  2. Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it is incomplete or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the participant has breached any of these rules. 

  3. Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to alter, amend or close the Race as necessary. 

  4. The decisions of the Race judges are final, and there is no process of appeal. 

  5. In the case of any disputes regarding these rules, or the rules or instructions of the Race, the decision of Republic Polytechnic will be final and binding, and no correspondence will be entertained. 

  6. By taking part in the Race, the participants warrants that all information submitted is true, current and complete at the time of submission. It is the participant’s sole responsibility to ensure that the details and e-mail address are accurate, and that Republic Polytechnic is informed of any changes to these. Republic Polytechnic accepts no responsibility for any changes which are not properly notified from the time of submission of the entry to the time of notification that the prize has been awarded. 

  7. Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to all photos, videos and any other content generated as a result of the Race. 

  8. All teams will receive confirmation of their entry, directions to the site, and additional instructions for the Race via email. 

  9. All schools/institutions/individuals participating in the Race are responsible for completing the necessary indemnity and parental consent forms (for participants below the age of 18 as at the Race date) for each participating team.

  10. Participants must be in good physical and mental health.

  11. No participant or team is allowed to stop other teams from going on with what they have to do in the Race.

  12. Registration closes on 8 March 2019 and on a first-come-first-served basis. 

  13. Due to limited space, applications are not guaranteed acceptance to the Race. 


josephine_lim@rp.edu.sg or call 66971441
yeo_may_lee@rp.edu.sg or call 6697 1747

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