Learning Journeys

Learning Journey

Is your student thinking about going to poly and pursuing a career in tourism and hospitality? Then register for our Learning Journey (LJ) programme!

Learning Journey@SOH is a series of complimentary experiential activities that give your students a glimpse of learning in a polytechnic and empower them to make more informed choices after their O and N-Levels. The hands-on activities are designed to encourage students’ participation and allow them to discover their interests. Students will also have the opportunity to discover diplomas in the hospitality industry and gain an appreciation of the business operations behind the scenes.

Students will get a chance to tour our state-of-the-art learning and training facilities, and experience SOH’s practical approach to learning first-hand. Our LJ activities are designed to mimic actual SOH diploma modules and include exercises like:

LJ 01


Now you see me… now you don’t.

During the Augmented Reality (AR) workshop, students will have hands-on activities that enable them to experience how retailers use AR to engage with their customers, such as trying on watches, storytelling via AR app and the product packaging. Students can also try their hands at creating their own AR in-store communications which, after creation, they can view their work as a "customer" at the Retail Unlimited Lab.

Contact, in a non-contact World!   

This exciting activity is specially designed to immerse students in the world of data analytics and its critical role in making informed business decisions. During the hands-on experience, students will explore the importance of data-driven insights and gain practical exposure to data collection through live chat and social media platforms using our cutting-edge Genesys Cloud Contact Centre Systems. Students will use this system to track social media mentions, respond to customer inquiries, and gauge public opinions for actionable insights.

Airline Game: maximising revenue for hospitality business 

Get to understand the uncertainty in the business world and the business nature of the hospitality industry. Working in small groups, students will learn to work together to maximise revenue for hospitality business during the game.

Tea-rrific Time: Exploring the World of Tea 

Step into the enchanting world of tea appreciation, where fragrant aromas, distinct flavours, and soothing brews come together to create a delightful sensory experience. students will embark on a relaxing journey to learn about diverse tea varieties and discover their unique characteristics.


Hospitality Service Etiquette

Pick up tips and techniques of delivering positive attitude and respect that can create a memorable experience for guests. Learn why understanding event layout and space, menu knowledge and proper service etiquette are part and parcel of the overall guest experience.

Brand Me!

Understand the importance of social etiquette and how this can be used to project a positive first impression including greetings, facial expressions, postures and self-introductions, including how to do proper handshakes with appropriate body language.

Marketing an Attraction

Explore the key aspects of marketing attractions. Besides learning about the different tourist profiles and their needs, try out the marketing tools learnt to an actual attraction in Singapore.

Tour of Hospitality Training Labs

Take a peek into the operations of hospitality businesses through a tour of industry-standard training facilities ranging from hotel experiential lab, retail lab, events tech lab, contact centre operations lab, culinary demo labs, barista lab, beverage lab, to training restaurants and kitchens.

LJ 02

LJ programmes are offered at no cost to students and are generally 1.5–2 hours long. Each of our LJ programmes can accommodate up to 25 students and can be arranged around student schedules.

Check out past Learning Journeys we conducted over on our News & Events page! And feel free to email us for more information on the LJs offered.