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Congratulations graduates and welcome to the SOI Alumni family!

Soar high! Go and fulfil your goals! Remember, we are right here cheering you on!/p>

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The SOI Alumni Committee

The SOI Alumni Committee is the primary driver of initiatives “by alumni, for alumni.” It is through this body that we create more Connections, and Celebrate the successes of your fellow alumni. 
Formed in January 2021, the committee spearheads alumni activities such as: 

  • Sharing session at Orientation Programme  
  • Monthly fireside chat with alumni on topics ranging from education and career tips, start-up inspiration, etc. 
  • Alumni Mentorship Programme where interested alumni/students are tagged to alumni mentor 

SOI Alumni Committee Members

Kenny Ong_3

Kenny Ong

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
Pursuing Master of Science, Security by Design, SUTD
Technical Support Engineer (Cyber Exposure/Network Security)


Pan Shi Han, Johnny 

Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM)
Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), NTU


Tnay Teng Leong 

Diploma in Business Information Systems (DBIS)
Senior Cyber Ops Engineer


Jin Ningxian

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
Pursuing Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, SMU

Koo Wesley -1

Koo Wesley

Diploma in Business Applications (DBA)
Pursuing Bachelor in Accountancy, SUTD
Software Integration Specialist


Muhammad Herwan

Diploma in Mobile Software Development (DMSD)
Systems Analyst

Eric Wang

Eric Wang Gao Xiang

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
Bachelor of Computing (Honours), NUS

Alumni in-focus

Meet our start-up founder


“RP has fuelled my passion for IT and innovation. With the guidance and training i got, I was empowered to act on my desire to better society, meaningfully. “ – Charlie Angriawan 

Charlie Angriawan is the co-founder of Vita, the first-ever portal that allows a company to sort through applications using referee-assessed values, as opposed to just Resumes. 
Charlie graduated with a Diploma in Business Applications (now known as Diploma in Financial Technology) in 2019. While in RP, he was actively involved in service-learning projects and industry competitions such as Global Fintech Hackcelerator 2017 where his team Polygen, won the student category prize in the Grand Finals. 
Charlie shared that his diploma has equipped him with the fundamentals to better understand both the financial and technology industries. With these, he was able to have a more fruitful internship in a local Fintech start-up company. 
After graduating from RP, Charlie co-founded Vita, a start-up that aims to enable companies to see a candidate as a person as opposed to a document. “We believe that there is a missing link in the recruitment process. We have seen many of our friends with amazing talents but struggling to find jobs. So, we did a study and found out that more than half of applications are being rejected by bots that are shortlisting candidates based on keywords in the resume,” Charlie added. 
Inspired by Charlie’s story? Looking for something to fire up your passion for IT, Fintech, and entrepreneurship? Talk to us about the Diploma in Financial Technology (R18) 

Meet our Offensive Security Certified Professional

Lynn Lee

“I fell in love with our ethical hacking module and got genuinely passionate in it that I wanted to learn more! That interest pushed me to go for Offensive Security Certified Professional.” – Lynn Lee Qing Xia 

Lynn Lee Qing Xia is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). She got her professional certification right upon completing her Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) in 2021. 

Like many others, she did not know which course to pick before poly and thought Cybersecurity looked “pretty cool” so she chose it. She became passionate about it and fell in love with the art of hacking. She has DISM lecturers and mentors to thank for igniting her interest. 

Lynn is currently working as Cyber Security Consultant at Wizlynx. Her plans include furthering her studies while acquiring more industry experience, particularly in cyber. 

Want to be like Lynn? Contact us for more information on the Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (R55) 

From a disinterested student to an SMU Magna Cum Laude - Journey of an SOI’s Valedictorian

Asher Chua

“RP/SOI has allowed me to dive deeper into the world of IT and mobile technology. Considering how technology has been part of the world’s progression, this course has clearly given us a competitive advantage over others in the future.” – Asher Chua 

Asher Chua works in Business Development at Impact. He graduated Valedictorian in RP with the Diploma in Mobile Software Development (DMSD) in 2015, and SMU Magna Cum Laude in 2020.  

As a teenager, Asher described himself as disinterested in school and underwent a rebellious phase which led to him dropping out at 15. Without an O-Level certificate he struggled to find a stable job and went from one part-time job to another, until he decided to take his O-levels privately. 

He saw a turning point in his journey when his 24 O level result earned him a place at RP’s Diploma in Mobile Software Development. He was exposed to coding, a lot, and this kickstarted his passion for technology.  

Asher’s unconventional journey, fuelled by his passion for tech, gaming and application software, brought him to a massive success of graduating with Bachelor of Science (Information Systems), Magna Cum Laude, SMU.  

Looking, waiting for a turning point in your journey to your dream career? Have yet to discover your passion? Check Diploma in Digital Design & Development (formerly DMSD). Who knows? You might find the trigger in our programme. 

Journey of an unmotivated student to a high achieving graduate

Wei Zhang

“Don't compare yourself with others because there will always be others who are better than you. If you try, but fall short, it is not the end of the world. There are always opportunities for you to grow," – Chan Wei Zhang 

In his journey to being a software engineer, Chan Wei Zhang demonstrated how an unmotivated student with 109 in his PSLE result slip could be an achiever.  

As a child, Wei Zhang preferred computer games over studying. His education path outlines EM3 (a track for academically weaker pupils that was later scrapped in 2000, Normal (Technical) stream in secondary school, and ITE.  

“When I was in ITE, my only goal was to get into a polytechnic, and then enter the workforce. I had never imagined myself going to university,” he shared. 

Wei Zhang studied Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) in RP where he saw a dramatic improvement in his academic result. Such improvement inspired him to work harder until he received his results.  

RP served as Wei Zhang’s springboard to a degree in Information Security at NUS Computing. He is now working as a software engineer in one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for test and measurement, as well as secure communications. 

Would you want RP to be your springboard too? Fancy an amazing journey like Chan Wei Zhang? Check Diploma in Information Technology (R12) or email us for more information about the diploma. 

Life after SOI

No matter where you go or what you do after graduation, we want to hear from you so share your stories and successes with us! 

SOI Alumni Chapter Representatives:

Ms Lorivic Fragata, lorivic_fragata@rp.edu.sg
Harry Lourdes S.R. , harry_lourdes_sr@rp.edu.sg