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RP’s School of Infocomm (SOI) takes pride on the achievements of our graduates. We celebrate your success, and are ready to support you in whatever path that you have chosen.

As an SOI graduate, we hope to see you fulfil your aspirations while expanding your network and level up your professional expertise. Your stories and ideas can also serve to inspire and help the younger generations of our alumni. Stay connected with us and let us hear your stories too.

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What our alumni say about :


"The journey in RP has been enjoyable and fruitful. Not only have I picked up critical technical skills through the diploma. RP has also imparted lifelong skills with its Problem-based Learning pedagogy. This includes communicating effectively through daily presentations and thinking critically in order to tackle daily issues effectively and efficiently. RP has played an important role in shaping me into who I am today."

- Alex Sharma, DIT, Class of 2007
  Development Programme Manager

“RP allowed me to discover and transform myself from being complacent and quiet to being more confident and unafraid to make mistakes. RP also provided me with ample opportunities to achieve further. Looking at the things that I’ve accomplished in RP, I’ve learnt that even though there may be obstacles, I will face these obstacles with the right mind-set.”

- Arvind S/O Kalai Silvan, DIT, Class of 2014
  Cloud Engineer

Teng Long-1

“I enjoyed coming back to RP and volunteer my time to conduct weekend group study sessions with SOI students. It is extremely rewarding and satisfying to see my juniors coping better and improving on their understanding of the different modules.”

- Tnay Teng Long, DBIS, Class of 2017
  Senior IT Operations Executive

Our Alumni Community

Low Cheong Wah Alan

Alan is the only polytechnic graduate among the nine (9) recipients of the Smart Nation Scholarship in 2018. The scholarship which is awarded to students who passed the rigorous assessment process, is jointly offered by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), Government Technology Agency (GovTech), and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).
Over the course of his studies in Republic Polytechnic, Alan had been on the Director’s Roll of Honour and had been a recipient of various Module Prizes and Diploma Prize. He will be pursuing his Bachelor of Computing in Information Security (with Honours) at NUS after his National Service (NS).

- Low Cheong Wah Alan DISM, Class of 2018 ,
  Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (Merit)

Shalihin juggled part-time work and classes due to financial challenges during his studies at RP. Despite his circumstances, he stepped forward to take part in competitions. Shalihin was part of the team that developed the YOLO Neighbour! Mobile application (in collaboration with HDB) which won second place in the Singapore IT Federation Awards (Tertiary Level) competition in 2014.

Upon graduation from RP, Shalihin received a scholarship to further his undergraduate studies. He was awarded the DBS Yearly Performance Award 2017. Shalihin is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore.

- Muhammad Shalihin Bin Othman, DBIS, Class of 2015,
BSc Computing Science (First-Class Hons), University of Glasgow, 2017

Muhd Shalihin

Muhd Halim Irsyad

Driven by his passion on game development, Halim chose to study Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) in Republic Polytechnic (RP).

During his studies in RP, besides aiming for academic excellence, he demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as President of the Networking Interest Group (IG). He was a recipient of Merit Award for two consecutive academic years, and was inducted into the Director’s Roll of Honour. His participation at the WorldSkills 2012 Qualifying Rounds, and Cisco NetRiders in the same year, were the highlights of his polytechnic journey.

 - Muhammad Halim Irsyad Bin Suhami, DIT, Class of 2013
   BSc(Hons) Computing Science

Jack graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Information Technology with Merit (DIT).  He was also the Valedictorian of his cohort.

Jack was a consistent recipient of the Director’s Roll of Honour award from 2012 to 2014 for outstanding module performance. His Final Year Project (FYP), in collaboration with Microsoft highlighted his academic achievements in RP.

-  Jack Boey Wen Ming ,DIT, Class of 2015
    Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Information and Communication Technology (Information Security)

Jack Boey
Yan Hsia

Yan Hsia has always been fascinated by the way things work and that led her to study Interactive Media Design when she was in ITE. She subsequently chose RP’s Diploma in Mobile Software Development (DMSD)* to widen her horizon and to satisfy her desire to sharpen her programming skills. During her time in RP, Yan Hsia also picked up valuable skills through her active participation in the Mobile Devices Interest Group.

Despite being an introvert, Yan Hsia grew to be a very confident lady due to the RP’s learning approach, which she fondly missed.

- Kheo Yan Hsia, DMSD, Class of 2016
   BEng (Hons) in Information and Communications Technology (Software Engineering)

*Now known as Diploma in Digital Design and Development

Life after SOI

No matter where you go or what you do after graduation, we want to hear from you so share your stories and successes with us! 

SOI Alumni Chapter Representatives:

Ms Lorivic Fragata, lorivic_fragata@rp.edu.sg
Harry Lourdes S.R. , harry_lourdes_sr@rp.edu.sg