Is your organisation short on manpower? Hire our students as interns, and lend your expertise and experience to develop the next generation of infocomm professionals.

We produce workplace-ready students

At SOI, we don’t just teach our students basic IT skills and knowledge. We nurture well-rounded, workplace-ready individuals, thanks to:

  • Our industry-focused curriculum, designed – and constantly refined – in close collaboration with leading infocomm players, like Microsoft and Samsung, to equip our students with the relevant skills and know-how to keep up with the fast-paced IT sector; and

  • Our Problem-based Learning (PBL) pedagogy, which involves students working in teams with minimal teacher supervision to solve problems based on real-world scenarios daily, to sharpen their critical analysis and troubleshooting skills.

Hence, many of our final-year students are able to support and contribute straightaway to the infocomm sector with little to no difficulty before graduation – like Arini Bte Mohd Salimi


A 2016 Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) graduate, Arini did her internship at ViewQwest, a local boutique internet service provider.

Thanks to her solid grounding in RP’s PBL pedagogy, she was able to effectively tackle the real-life workplace challenges she encountered and adapt to a genuine working environment quickly.  

“PBL helped me to organise my thoughts and actions at work – what I did not know and what I needed to find out,” Arini said.

As a result, Arini was able to complete her assignments with minimal supervision from her mentors. She is now an executive officer with ViewQwest, who offered her the position immediately after her internship ended. 


Fellow DIT student Muhd Diniy Haiqal Bin Anuar, who graduated in 2017, was similarly able to easily carry out the tasks assigned to him during his internship with local telco M1, according to his supervisor Mr Lee Kuen Haw.

“Diniy could be relied upon with minimal supervision,” said Mr Lee. “He was also able to complete his task before the scheduled deadline. He was able to share his view and suggestion effectively when performing his duty [too].” 


Likewise, Mark Ignatius Teo Jian Hao, who graduated from the DIT programme in 2016, was tasked with software testing and business application development during his four-month stint with KAI Square in Taiwan.

He completed these tasks with ease, thanks to the hands-on training he received at SOI as well as the additional practice from the various school projects he participated in. 

Impressed by his performance, the multi-award–winning video analytics company offered Mark without qualms the opportunity to assist in system testing and coding on other KAI Square projects even after his internship ended. 

Help us make our students industry-ready

Ultimately, the best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and jump in.

At SOI, we prepare students for the workplace even before they graduate – all they need is your expertise and guidance in order to be ready for the infocomm industry.

Give our students the opportunity to gain practical work experience and deeper industry immersion. Share your best practices. Impart the right work ethic, and help them cultivate the desired qualities and skills to support your organisation and the wider infocomm sector.

Join us today in nurturing the change-makers of tomorrow.

To find more about SOI’s internship programme, please visit the RP Industry webpage.

Employing Our Students

We have over 3,500 highly trained students with well-developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills in five diploma courses spanning all aspects of the infocomm sector, including:

  • Diploma in Business Information Systems

  • Diploma in Digital & Design Development (previously known as Diploma in Mobile Software Development)

  • Diploma in Financial Technology (previously known as Diploma in Business Applications)

  • Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

  • Diploma in Information Technology

If you would like to offer career opportunities to our graduating students and alumni, you can post job openings to the BrightMinds job portal, a website dedicated to recruiting tertiary graduates.

For other recruitment opportunities, please email us.