• IOTSolutionCentre

    IOT Solution Centre

  • IOTSolutionCentre

    IOT Solution Centre

  • IOTSolutionCentre

    IOT Solution Centre

  • IOTSolutionCentre

    IOT Solution Centre

Internet of Things Solutions Centre

The Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Centre was set up in 2017 to enhance our IoT capabilities through deeper industry collaborations.

In return, the Centre also allows local enterprises to tap on the creativity and expertise of RP staff and students to create innovative interoperable solutions and services to support their own organisational needs and initiatives. 


The IoT SolutionsCentre chiefly draws on the expertise of RP School of Infocomm staff members, who frequently collaborate with specialists from RP School of Engineering and other disciplines to create domain-specific IoT applications and services.

The Centre is also equipped with various state-of-the-art technologies, including:

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Arduino

  • Sigfox

  • Libelium

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT

Current projects


IoT System using Sigfox Network

A smart IoT system leveraging Sigfox technology that collects data and transforms it into useful information via data analytics and machine learning.

Aquarium monitor

Electrical Switchgear Condition monitoring

  • Use low power wireless platform LoRa enabled STM32 discovery board and STM MEMS sensors
  • The device is placed in a switchgear control panel to get a real-time environment data and transmitted to the cloud via LoRa gateway.
Traffic Lights 2

Automated Itemization System for Food Checkout Counter

The AI can currently recognise and identify dish items accurately. The inference model can be deployed to an edge device, such as Nvidia Jetson Nano. After identifying the items on the mixed dishes, the data can be transferred to another system using JSON format.


SMART Farming

Iot Monitoring System
Iot Monitoring System
AR-Enable Farm Management
AR-Enable Farm Management

IoT Monitoring System for the Greenhouse

A versatile wireless sensor system can help to monitor and control many parameters of greenhouse conditions and environments. It also measures critical conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, air quality, water quality, etc.

Interested in collaborating with us?

Please visit our webpage for more information on past industry collaborations and consultancy work.

For enquiries or collaboration opportunities, contact https://for.edu.sg/rpcontactus