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At RP, we believe that learning is borderless, especially in our increasingly globalised world. That is why we regularly organise Student Overseas Trips (SOTs) to provide you with even more opportunities for infocomm industry exposure. 

As an SOI student, you will get the chance to connect your classroom knowledge to the real working world and observe industry best practices and established leaders in the field. 

You will not only develop an appreciation for different cultures and customs through these learning journeys, but also hone your language skills and discover new interests. You might even get the chance to befriend some locals along the way! 

On top of that, you can also explore the world through our SOT programme and discover new places to further your studies or pursue your career. So far, SOI students have had the opportunity to visit countries such as Australia, Japan and South Korea. 

Amazing Study Trip in Seoul (March 2017)

by Mohamad Lutfee B Jasni (DMSD), Muhammad Amirul Hakim B Ahmad (DIT) and Nur Atikah Binte Zulkifli (DIT)

Wow! Just wow! One week in Korea was sure not enough!

We arrived at Incheon Airport along with 46 other Infocomm students from Republic Polytechnic (RP) and were beaming with so much excitement and energy despite not having an hour of sleep on the plane. As we perused through the travel itinerary for our seven-day student overseas trip (SOT) in South Korea, we couldn’t help but set expectations which our SOT later far exceeded.

We were greeted by a Korean lady, Imo, who introduced herself as our local tour guide. Upon our arrival, we were taken to a nice restaurant for a really good lunch. Imo took us under her wing and treated us as her own children. She constantly reminded us to stay hydrated while making sure that we had plenty of water and food to eat. With no doubt, she made the trip even more memorable.

It was a study trip after all, so it was packed with learning engagement activities. We visited the Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech), the Gyeonggi Technopark, Korea Broadcasting Station (KBS), Samsung D’light, Hyundai Motors, KAIST Satellite Technology Research Centre, Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (TOPIS), KORAIL KTX, and many sites and attractions!

Seoul 1

Our first pit stop was SeoulTech, which was established in 1910 by Emperor Gojong. Their mascot is a black dragon.

It is one of the main universities which Korean students flock to pursue their undergraduate degrees in information and communication engineering – which is cool since it relates to our diploma programme. This visit to SeoulTech showed us how hardworking and self-driven Koreans are, and inspired us to take our future more seriously. This perked our interest in infocomm even more. The University also organised an educational talk, highlighting the different degree programmes at SeoulTech we could apply to as diploma graduates.

Seoul 2

We were received by so many friendly faces wherever we went and we learned a lot about Korean culture. One of our favourite excursions was the visit to KBS where we were impressed by the aesthetically pleasing production sets for Korean dramas. We learned about the special effects department, where we had the opportunity to play with some of the props, and even got to visit the outdoor sets used in period dramas. 

Our next pit stop was Gyeonggi Technopark which is home to more than 80 information technology (IT) enterprises and research institutes. Located in the country’s north-western province, it is easily accessible and it is within the circle of the greater capital zone.

It was super cool to see the Technopark catering to a wide variety of industries, such as medicine and biotechnology, and not just electronics. We had the opportunity to visit their offices and witness first-hand how these tech companies and organisations operate on a daily basis.

Samsung D’light was in itself impressive. It is a unique exhibition space built to showcase the latest in Samsung technology. The showroom also includes several interactive spaces where we could try out the latest Samsung products. We got to experience an exhilarating roller-coaster ride with Samsung’s Gear VR headset. We nicknamed the three-storey exhibition space among ourselves as the “Samsung Mini-mall”.

Seoul 3
Seoul 4

Seoul TOPIS is the general transport control centre of Seoul. It manages Seoul's main traffic system by collecting traffic information from the Bus Management System (BMS), the Transport Card System, as well as the unmanned surveillance system and traffic-related authorities and institutions such as Seoul Traffic Broadcasting, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the Korea Expressway Corporation. 

The visit to the KAIST Satellite Technology Research Centre focused mostly on the technical side of data distribution and IT-related research and marketing activities. At the end of the visit, we couldn’t help but think that it would be so cool to work there since IT research excites us to the bones.

Our visit to KORAIL KTX depot was just as enlightening. It allowed us to gain an understanding of how KORAIL operates commuter, subway, intercity and freight trains throughout South Korea.

We are a trio of thrill-seekers and anything to do with roller coasters or heights excites us. So obviously the best part of the trip was our day at Everland. For anyone visiting Seoul, a day at Everland is a must!

No trip to Seoul is ever complete without a visit to Gwanghwamum. Yes, we went there too!

Seoul 6

The whole trip was just awesome. We did not expect to go on so many company visits, but we did! It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience, and it is definitely one of the best trips ever. It was so enlightening and inspiring and it was so, so much fun! If this SOT is ever repeated, we strongly recommend all SOI students to sign up for it! 

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