Learning Facilities

At SOI, we believe the best way to learn is to practise and experiment.

Depending on your diploma choice, our cutting-edge laboratories and research and development (R&D) facilities offer a place to chart out theories, create your own technology, or even invent brand-new solutions to real-world problems.

All our learning facilities are carefully designed in collaboration with major industry players, like Samsung and Microsoft. They are all equipped with the latest in industry-standard software and applications, to train you in the systems and technologies that are being used by successful businesses all over the world. 

Cloud Computing Facilities_resized

Cloud Computing Capabilities Lab

Receive a solid grounding in cloud and data centre management fundamentals in our fully equipped Cloud Computing Capabilities Lab. Train and experience first-hand using cloud computing solutions from industry leaders such as Cisco, EMC, VMWare, and Prysmian. 


RP–Ixia Cyber Defence Lab

The RP–Ixia Cyber Defence Lab was developed in close partnership with Ixia, a leading provider of world-class testing, visibility, and security. The facility includes an industry-benchmarked security operations centre that simulates the actual IT security infrastructure of a business. You will be put through various operational scenarios to gain real-world skills in cyber defence such as intrusion detection and prevention. 


RP–RSA Security Operations Centre

The RP–RSA Security Operations Centre, or RP-RSA SOC, is a joint facility set up by SOI and RSA to train the next generation of security analysts and professionals. The Centre is specifically equipped with the latest in IT security and analysis tech, including RSA Security Analytics, SecOps and ECAT, so that you will gain hands-on experience in developing and managing an intelligence-driven SOC operation.  

RP–Palo Alto Networks Cyber Security Lab

Learn how to fight against cybercrime and train to become a Palo Alto Networks Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) in our RP–Palo Alto Networks Cyber Security Lab, equipped with the latest in Palo Alto security solutions and applications.

RP Samsung Mobile Lab

RP–Samsung Mobile Lab

Bridge classroom learning and real-world application. Hone your Android programming skills in the RP-Samsung Mobile Lab and create your own applications. Test them out on actual Android devices, including Samsung smart phones, tablets, watches, and virtual reality headsets – all at the lab at your disposal. 

Trend Micro

RP–Trend Micro Cloud & Visualisation Security Lab 

The RP–Trend Micro Cloud and Virtualisation Security Lab features the award-winning Deep Security solution that is capable of unleashing the full benefits of cloud – such as its speed, agility, and operational efficiency – while ensuring maximum security. Acquire hands-on knowledge of how cloud and virtualisation security software are designed and work at this Lab, and gain a head-start over your peers in understanding the nuts and bolts of cybercrimes and security measures.