Learning Facilities

At SOI, we believe the best way to learn is to practise and experiment.

Depending on your diploma choice, our cutting-edge laboratories and research and development (R&D) facilities offer a place to chart out theories, create your own technology, or even invent brand-new solutions to real-world problems.

All our learning facilities are carefully designed in collaboration with major industry players. They are all equipped with the latest industry-standard software and applications, to train you in the systems and technologies that are being used by successful businesses globally. 


RP-Cloud Computing Capabilities Centre (C3C) Lab

The RP-Cloud Computing Capabilities Centre Lab is wholly virtualised as a private cloud to support the demands of delivering the SOI curriculum. The centre is built with technology partners such as Cisco, Dell Technologies, Microsoft Academy, Redhat Academy and Puppet, who provide important capabilities in hardware and software.

Currently, the following modules leverage C3C private cloud infrastructure in the curriculum delivery for both PET and CET students:

  • C322 – Cloud Data Centre Management
  • C327 – Internet Server Technologies
  • C330 – Linux Admin & Virtualisation

RP-RSA Security Operations Centre Lab

The RP-RSA Security Operations Centre Lab (RP-RSA SOC Lab), is a joint lab facility set up by SOI and RSA to train the next generation of security analysts and professionals.

The lab was launched in 2017 to give students an authentic learning environment within a simulated setting. The students will have hands-on experience in using the various security tools and learn the various aspects of responding to security attacks.

The lab is equipped with the Netwitness Platform, Palo Alto Networks firewalls and Keysight Traffic Generator. Simulated cyber-attack scenarios can be generated to equip students with skills in analysis, containment, eradication, and recovery from cyber-attacks.

The lab is utilised for both PET and CET curriculum specifically in the module, C377 – Security Incident Response Management and the short course in Fundamentals of Cyber Security Incident Response.

Security for Ensign Lab

RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab

The RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab is a joint lab facility set up by SOI, RSA and Ensign Infosecurity. The joint lab activities are meant to develop the research capabilities of academic staff and students of RP, as well as staff from RSA and Ensign.

The lab was launched in 2019 with a focus on cybersecurity for Internet-of-Things (IoT) live threat monitoring. Students are involved in industry cybersecurity projects as part of their Final Year Project (FYP), Special Projects and internships.

The lab is equipped with the RSA Netwitness monitoring platform and a Palo Alto Networks (PAN) virtual firewall, running on the VMWare EXSi hypervisor. A variety of IoT devices including IP cameras and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are exposed on the Internet via 6 fibre broadband lines provided by Ensign, for traffic monitoring on the RSA Netwitness through the PAN firewall.


MarVel Lab (Mixed, Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Lab)

The MarVel Lab is a place where imagination comes alive through the use of immersive technologies. In the MarVel Lab, students are provided with a conducive environment equipped with high-end workstations and head mount displays. There, they get to develop diverse interactive virtual worlds that range from ancient Egyptian labyrinths to a space station orbiting Earth.

We worked closely with our technology partners, such as HTC Vive, Unity, Nvidia and Beyond Geek when the lab was established to ensure we have the most suitable technologies for developing immersive solutions.

The MarVel Lab is actively used by modules C337 Immersive Technologies and C300 Final Year Project.


Artificial Intelligence Technology Centre (AITC)

AITC is supported by two labs- AI Research and Solution Lab and AI Exploration and Experiential Lab.

Both labs support the evolving needs of students’ learning and industry projects. It provides the necessary space and compute power for students to learn about AI technology and applications, and work on AI related projects. The labs are also used by lecturers to carry out their industry projects.

Besides supporting AI project development (FYP included) and C338 AI and Machine Learning, CET AI courses, regular talks and workshops are also conducted at the labs.

Partners include industry leaders like Nvidia, NSCC, YooZoo, while commercialisation partners include AllID, GleeTree and Tetsuyu.