Cognitive Systems Technology Centre


Cognitive Systems Technology Centre At the Cognitive Systems Technology Centre (CSTC), we employ cognitive system technology to create innovative industry-driven solutions. We focus chiefly on natural language processing, computer vision and enterprise applications. We are also engaged in other projects such as:

  • Speech recognition

  • Image and video processing

  • Object detection and tracking

  • Mobile augmented/virtual reality systems

  • Cybersecurity

Past industry collaborations and consultancy work

CSTC has created numerous speech recognition services for various small and medium-sized enterprises.

For instance, we created a speech-to-text transcribing mobile application (or “app” for short) for the deaf in YEAR. Commissioned by local voluntary welfare organisation WHO, the app has the ability to recognise and process audio content in a variety of different local accents. 

Similarly, we also collaborated with HOSPITAL NAME in YEAR on an English–Cantonese speech translation application to help nurses communicate better with elderly Cantonese-speaking patients.


We have also developed mixed reality applications for statutory boards and multinational corporations spanning a wide range of industries including information and technology, healthcare, transportation, and banking and finance. Our partners include:

  • Integrated Health Information Systems

  • Eastern Health Alliance

  • Changi General Hospital

  • Pacific Healthcare

  • Epson Singapore

  • Sierra Solutions

  • Actxa

  • Secura Group

  • Wi-SUN Alliance

  • University of Glasgow, Singapore

  • Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

Current projects

End-to-end protection for Epsilon

Sponsored by a grant from the Ministry of Education’s Translational R&D and Innovation Fund, we are currently developing a cybersecurity solution for Epsilon’s smart-metering infrastructure which will:

  • Protect and guarantee data integrity end to end; and

  • Detect if Epsilon’s systems have been compromised.

As Singapore moves towards its goal to become a Smart Nation, this would be a crucial application to implement, especially in the healthcare sector.

Self-policing fine-grained access control for e-healthcare systems

We are also developing an efficient key agreement protocol that will enable next-generation e-healthcare systems to securely transmit patients’ personal health records (PHRs) from sensor devices to hospital databases, and vice versa. The project also aims to provide secure storage and fine-grained access control in hospital-managed clouds through attribute-based cryptography, enabling medical institutions to better control the encryption and sharing of PHRs.

Keen on working with us?

If you would like to collaborate with CSTC to create applications or solutions for your organisation, please email Mr David Leong