2019 Hua Wei Developer Challenge - Atlas AI Track

27 Aug 2019

  • Atlas AI Track
    Atlas AI Track

RP School of Infocomm (SOI) students from the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) - Jin Ningxian and Wong Kar Long Keagan - bagged the second prize in the 2019 Hua Wei Developer Challenge in the Atlas AI Track held in Shenzhen, China on 27 August 2019.

Being the only team from Singapore, Jin Ningxian shared that it was a very good opportunity for him to participate in this Huawei competition because they get to compete with top universities in China. “The competition just added colour and excitement to my poly life,” he added.

The team created the Mediated Learning Environment System (MILES), which deployed facial recognition and artificial intelligence to identify student stress levels. This pioneering project was also unveiled at the Smart Nation & U festival in December 2019.

Ningxian (Diploma in Information Technology) and Keagan (Diploma in Business Applications) graduated in 2020.