AISG Student Hackathon 2021

17 Dec 2021

  • AISG

Props to the three Diploma in Business Information Systems for their outstanding performance in the AISG Singapore Student Hackathon!

Soon Shi Heng, Kevan, Year 3 student emerged as one of the top three winners of the competition and won a cash prize of $1,000. Kevan impressed the judges with his winning idea, the Room Furniture Calculator app, which combines AI recognition and Robotic Process Automation. This app detects the furniture in an uploaded photo, searches and computes the average cost of each item automatically. It enables renovation contractors, DIY home renovators, and interior designers to better estimate the total cost of renovation projects easily. 

Muhammad Syabil Bin Johari, Year 3 student, and Low Tian Yee, Year 2 student, also won consolation prizes of $200 each. 

Held on 17 December 2021, this yearly hackathon brings together students from all around the nation to brainstorm and implement innovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students will use AISG AI Bricks to build Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Robotic Processing Automation applications to solve real world problems.