Driver Aware project wins LHL-IDM Award 2021

30 Sep 2021

  • The SOI team behind Driver Aware
    The SOI team behind Driver Aware

The School of Infocomm introduces Driver Aware, another student innovation that aims to address a prevalent concern of motorists in Singapore. Driver Aware is one of the projects that was awarded the Lee Hsien Loong Interactive Digital Media (LHL-IDM) Smart Nation Award 2021. The project integrates a smart retrofittable in-car detection system with mobile and web applications.

The LHL-IDM Smart Nation Award is given to students whose IDM projects fulfil the Smart Nation vision of harnessing technology to improve the lives of citizens, create more opportunities, and build stronger communities. Driver Aware is one of five polytechnic projects selected for this year’s award.

Driver Aware helps drivers to remain alert while on the road. Visual and audio alerts are immediately indicated  whenever the system detects signs of drowsiness or distraction in the face of the driver. This driver’s artificial intelligence (AI) partner, equipped with an infrared camera, may effectively reduce the number vehicular accidents. The AI component of the project is a custom trained model, created using the students’ own images. It is the AI that interprets the feed from the infrared camera to create alerts.