SOI’s work on Digitalisation of Medical Certificates Project bagged the Gold Award at MOE Innergy Awards 2021.

01 Oct 2021

Firman: Updated title and summary on 29th Dec 2021

  • MOE Innergy Awards 2021
    MOE Innergy Awards 2021

Mr Koay Seng Tian, Project Engineer (left) and Mr Seow Khee Wei, Assistant Director, Capability & Industry (right)

We are pleased to announce that Mr Seow Khee Wei (Assistant Director, Capability & Industry) and Mr Koay Seng Tian (Project Engineer) are members of the RP team that have received the Gold Award for MOE Innergy Awards 2021 (Statutory Board – Work Processes).

In collaboration with RP Office of Information Services (OIS), Office of Organisation & Service Excellence (OSE) and School of Infocomm (SOI), the team created the Digitalisation of Medical Certificates (MCs) submission for students - an Optical Character Recognition software which captures, tracks and processes students' MCs online, using just the RP Connect App.  

This project was crucial in supporting students and ensuring operational continuity when Singapore entered the circuit breaker period due to COVID-19. The overarching benefit is that RP can potentially save approximately 3,000 hours of transaction time per year.

Students can also apply for other types of absences via in the RP Connect app. Staff can then process these applications backend at a regulated pace to reduce workload and minimise human errors. The application was further enhanced in October 2020 to enable auto-population of fields and result in more efficient data collection.

Once again, congratulations to our colleagues who have exhibited strong teamwork in this cross-departmental project. Well done!