Full-time Courses

Dream of becoming an artist, set designer, stage manager, creative consultant, graphic designer, director, or composer? STA will help you harness your passion and transform it into a successful career in the creative industry. We offer industry internships at various arts organisations, theatre companies, advertising agencies, and recording studios to expand and build on your knowledge in real-world settings.


Common Arts, Design and Media Programme (New)

Have your heart set on a dynamic career in the vibrant creative industries but unsure which field to specialise in? The Common Arts, Design and Media Programme (CAP) is perfect for you!


Design for User Experience

Blown away by inspirational design and their impact on everyday living? Acquire highly transferable design skills that are useful in a variety of industries and learn how to apply your user-centered design knowledge to different product, service, and spatial design spheres.


Design for Games & Gamification

Inspired by the success of popular mobile games? Enjoy hands-on experience in game design and make your vision of creating a successful game a reality with the Diploma in Design for Games & Gamification.


Media Production & Design

Want to fuel your creative spark? Providing you with the knowledge and skills to produce outstanding transmedia content, the Diploma in Media Production and Design enables you to stand out from the crowd in the ever-evolving media landscape.


Sonic Arts

Energised by stirring music compositions and innovative sound effects? Discover the power of sound by recording live performances and transforming them for visual production, presentation, and performance with the Diploma in Sonic Arts.


Arts & Theatre Management

Passionate about the arts? Learn how to balance your creativity with a keen aesthetic eye and core technical skills, combined with arts management expertise for a successful career in arts and stage management from both local and international perspectives.